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Developer Talk: Dungeon Generator

Started by Jalau, May 31, 2016, 03:17:49 pm

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May 31, 2016, 03:17:49 pm Last Edit: June 02, 2016, 03:09:22 am by silversience
In this new forum post series the team behind mysticrunes tries to explain and showcase new features for those who are unable to watch the videos or want more insight into details.

For more than two months we have been working on a dungeon generator that was introduced in the eighth developer log. In this post I'd like to explain the basics of the system and give you some insight into our plans.

The System
Dungeons will be generated on demand. There is a new option in the game menu that allows you to generate a dungeon. Currently dungeons will generate slowly in the background to allow players to play without experiencing any kind of lag. This takes around 5 - 10 minutes for one dungeon to generate and there can only be one dungeon generating at the same time. In the future we are planning to move the dungeon generator to another server to allow the dungeon to generate much faster. There is a dungeon queue that allows you to reserve a place in the dungeon and once the dungeon has finished generating everyone will receive a notification. When you join a dungeon lobby your location is saved and after the dungeon run has ened you will be ported back to that stored position. The dungeon lobby contains a Merchant, Depot Master, anvils and much more to put on the final touches to your equipment. You will have 30 seconds to spend until the dungeon run will start. Party owners have the possibility to join a dungeon and force all party members to join too, on the other hand party members are unable to join dungeons on their own.



The Dungeons
There will be multiple dungeon types that each has a certain level range and player limit assigned. If your level is too low or too high you won't be able to join or generate the dungeon. Each dungeon can be created in multiple difficulties. Once completed the next difficulty level is unlocked for the characters that participated in the dungeon run and survived until the end. Each difficulty contains special mobs that only spawn in this specific dungeon. They also drop equipment and other items that are unique and won't be findable in other areas of the server. This should be very interesting for people who want a special equipment piece or maybe they need a certain item for crafting or brewing. This results in the dungeon runs always being important and it should be a "must attend" for most of the players.

Our aim was to create a system that generates random dungeons that are composed of prebuild rooms. You might ask yourself, why would they want prebuild rooms and not randomly generated once? Well, we have talked many hours about the basics of the dungeon generator and came to the conclusion that completely generated rooms will not offer the same atmosphere as detailed custom build rooms do. Futhermore issues such as missing blocks or spots that are not reachable by either mobs or players will not exist.  Each room contains special events that each differs from the other rooms. Some rooms contain chests, mobs and some even contain breaking floors and exploding walls. Each dungeon contains one spawn room and one boss room. The spawn room contains no mobs or special events. The boss room contains minions and a boss mob that once defeated will trigger the end of the dungeon run.

Future Additions
The next thing we want to add are player based interactions to create traps and rewards that are based on the actions of a player. Puzzle or a simple button, we have many possibilities and we will implement them all in one way or another.

Instanced Dungeons
We are also planning on adding an instanced dungeon system to allow players to play the same dungeon over and over. There will be no random generator and each dungeon will tell a story. These dungeons will be completely prebuild and the boss fights will be much harder and difficult than those in the random generator dungeons.

The End
I hope you liked this new series and the information that was given in this post. Feel free to post any questions or criticism.


Sounds awesome! 8)
Will you also use custom 3d Models for the mobs and bosses not only in dungeons but in general? That would be super awesome!


We thought about that and we have started working on them but becaues we have no one who is really good at it it will take it's time and currently other stuff is more important.


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