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Development Log & News [July 22]

Started by Jalau, July 20, 2022, 06:28:36 PM

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Welcome back everyone!

We are back with our monthly update on new features and updates. This time we got quite a few exciting things to show you! This month we will focus on the development and content side of things only, since we want to finish a few building projects first before revealing them to you.


We have put a heavy focus on professions for this month and have a few exciting new things to show.

The smith blueprints are now grouped inside the gui so there aren't too many of one item listed.

Every profession is now accessible by one character at once. Furthermore we are adding more professions, for example fishing and a beastiary. There is even more to come so stay tuned!

Fishing will allow you to chill out and gather some goods while doing so. You will be able to find basic materials, new materials and if you are really lucky even some rare equipment that will need to be repaired though. Fishing spots will vary in level and restrict you to be the same or a higher level in the fishing profession.

The beastiary is a bit of a different one. It will not have a level itself but instead every mob you kill will grant you more info about that specific mob. At the max level you will be able to not only see the health, experience, location but also the loot and an approximate chance for all dropped items of that mob.

Furthermore we hope to show you an upgrading system for the profession next month that we are currently still developing. Most likely similar to guild upgrades it will allow you to spend points on gaining bonuses for your professions.

Items looted and dropped now show the character they are "owned" by while they are still limited in pickup.

Since a few things are still up for change we will not show you everything yet. This will likely change next month.
We hope you enjoyed this months development log and we hope you are all going to be around again next month for our monthly iteration.

See you in another month!

Your MysticRunes Team