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MysticRunes Rules!

Started by Chicken, January 17, 2017, 07:15:31 PM

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MysticRunes Rules!
This document is created by Chicken and approved by Jalau.
The following rules simply indicate what can or cannot be done in the server. The Staff team is free to change it at will and will use these Guidelines to appropriately punish violations of Rules.

Please remember that there might be some extremely vulgar, disgusting and offensive examples in this Guideline, please leave now if you do not want to read that kind of things.

The punishments will be decided with each state.

If you see anyone violating a rule, please report them on the forums at

This Guideline will include most of the things that are needed to play on the server. If I missed anything, or you have any concerns about the rules, please PM me on the forums.

Chat Offences
State 1

Do not capitalize 10 or more characters over the course of multiple lines.

There are exceptions for this, such as when a name is: MYSTICRUNESGAME, and you say:

If you express excitement:
After 2 warnings, you will receive a 1 hour mute.

If one uses Caps Lock on accident, exceptions can be made. A staff member needs to decide for themselves whether it was an accident or not.

Useless Arguing (resulting in chat spam)
Do not argue for no reason; Anything that is irrelevant to the server Or arguing over the superiority of an item, guild (and other things along those lines).

A friendly debate is fine, as long as it doesn't get out of hand Or if your friend was unfairly punished, you can take it up for him/her and talk to a Staff Member. Please remember if you are going to, do so in a respectful manner to prevent yourself being punished as well.

Accusing of Hacks
When you think one is hacking, do NOT just say so in global chat, record it and post it on the Report section on the Forums or tell a Staff Member that is online.

General Immaturity and Rudeness
Don't be rude or offensive to other players; Things such as flaming and saying things such as "you're bad, go to hell you idiot"

Do not continuously say the same thing over and over again, even if it's formulated differently, if the meaning is the same, it is still spam.

"My wand is so op!
My wand is so op!
My wand is so op!"


"Omg a mod,
Hi mod,
Mod hi,
So cool a mod."

State 2

Don't say things that make somebody else feel discomforting, disgusted or other things along those lines.

Things such as:
"BadPerson: Oi, you want my meatstick in your hands, you'd love it."
"GoodPerson: No, please stop."
"BadPerson: Don't be shy, c'mon!"

This is NOT allowed as it is Sexual Harassment.

Revealing somebody's personal information without them wanting it.
Do not reveal anybody's personal information.

"ThisPerson: ThatPerson lives in thatstreet 31"

It's allowed when it's obviously meant as a joke:
"ThisPerson: ThatPerson lives in the Milkyway 99999"

DDoS, Hack, Dox and Death Threats
Do not threaten somebody with any of these things

For example:
"Tomorrow I will come to your house and kill you, I already Doxed your home address"

State 3

Discrimination and Racism
Do not discriminate against cultures, people, religion, race etc.

"Go to hell you stupid black"


"Christianity is stupid, god should be killed because he doesn't exist"

Extreme Advertising
Do not flood chat with IP's of a server.

Such as:
"Come join
Come join
Come join
Come join"

Extremely Bad Links

Do not post extremely inappropriate links in chat.

For example:
"P* if you want to see how I look!
This is a direct link to a pornographical site, which immediately results 1 week mute.

Gameplay Offences

State 1

Map Exploiting
Do not glitch yourself out of the map or other areas you're not supposed to be. If you're testing for a bug, or helping a Staff Member solve a problem it's fine.

Bug Exploiting
Do not Duplicate, Stats Boost, Get Endless amounts of Stardust etc etc..
If you're testing for a bug, or helping a Staff Member solve a problem it's fine.

Ban Evading
Do not bypass a ban issued which hasn't ended yet. Will be banned for the same duration the other account was banned for.

State 2

Hacking and Using Macros that affect Gameplay

Do not use macros, a client or mod to unfairly advantage yourself or others

These are the current rules! If you have any questions concerning the rules, don't hesitate to PM me!

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Hoped that an assassin's jewel would pay for a healer's education.



Hoped that an assassin's jewel would pay for a healer's education.



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