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Development Log & News [June 22]

Started by Jalau, June 13, 2022, 10:01:57 PM

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Welcome back everyone!

Sadly almost 3 months have passed since the last development log, but I promise you that we have been up to a lot! Yet again it is time to show you some teasers of stuff that is about to come to MysticRunes, so stay tuned!


We have almost finished the taiga region and might be even increasing its size further so we can put more awesome stuff there for you to explore!

A crew of scientists set sails and arrived at an mysterious coast line. The region is yet to be explored and holds many suprises, creatures and areas to explore.

And last but least, a completely new civilization has been discovered by a fellow explorer. Can you guess where they are located?


For gameplay we have quite a few new additions and improvements to show.

- All profession backpacks can hold all profession items
- On pickup, items are now directly added to your profession backpack if they are a profession item

Priest has received a big buff and now can do a couple of things, including ranged attack on right-click while still being able to heal with right-click while sneaking.

A new destiny and other MMORPG inspired fancy loot animation has been added.

Items dropped on death are now displayed in chat and also what items and the chances have been altered.

Miner and possibly general profession/special locations have received floating tags. Note this is a work in progress so you are welcome to leave feedback on this idea.

You also probably have seen new models on our discord being teased so I will point you there if you want to see more of those for now.

To end this months sneak peak development log I am leaving you with this snippet, that will play a huge role in the upcoming new quest system and general gameplay. Exploration will not only yield beautiful and detailed places but also rewards that are totally worth it!

There are even more things we could show but we will show them in next log.
We hope you enjoyed this months development log and I hope you are all going to be around again next month for our monthly iteration.

See you in another month!

Your MysticRunes Team