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Development Log & News [March 22]

Started by Jalau, March 17, 2022, 03:15:43 PM

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Hello everyone!

A month has passed and I am happy to welcome you back to another iteration of our monthly development log.
This time we have some more exciting builds and regions to show and also a few new mechanics are being tested and balanced.

Let's dive straight into...


The taiga region has made great progress and offers a lovely stroll for every wanderer coming across it.

Sadly the citizens of the yet unnammed village have been surprised by a catastrophic event. A meteor has struck one of the citizens's houses and now meteor pieces are scattered all over the place.
However for a experienced collector this might yield the opportunity to gather some very valuable materials.

While the citizens were dealing with the meteor crash archeologists have made a huge discovery. A remainder of an ancient creature has been dug out and a site to conduct studies has been established around it.
The species still has to be identified, but maybe you can be of help.

Also a new royalty has arrived in Aurya and had themselves build a great castle as their residency. You will get to meet them sooner or later. You should probably play nice unless you want to be at war.

Pioneers have set sail and went on a journey to the unknown waters of the great ocean. When they found land they discovered a new, yet unknown region.


We have further worked on more class "redesigns" to make the combat more interesting. In the following you will see how Assassin and Hunter are currently being tested:



Additionally now that a month has passed more awesome wepaons have been crafted by the smiths of Aurya:

Of course there are even more things that we have been working on but we will not spoil them yet. You will get to see more in the next month(s).
We hope you enjoyed this months development log and I hope you are all going to be around again next month for our next iteration.

See you in another month!

Your MysticRunes Team