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Sex's Item Location Guide

Started by Sex, July 05, 2016, 12:08:18 PM

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Introduction[spoiler]This is a location guide for those of you who need specific items for crafting/brewing/upgrading

My in-game name is sex, should you need to find me in game.

And I will be adding more locations whenever I find them.[/spoiler]

I've found that all of these items spawn every 4~4.5min (random).
It may be different for other places, but this is what I have observed.

Wood[spoiler]322/71/-559 Spawns 1

123/105/-556 Spawns 2 (Has 2 strings right beside it as well)

Mint[spoiler]253/90/-457 Spawns 1

132/105/-572 Spawns 1

190/93/-597 Spawns 1

216/95/-629 Spawns 1[/spoiler]

String/Spider Egg[spoiler]116/106/-569 Spawns 2 (right beside 2 oak wood spawn)

387/99/-738 Spawns 1 [/spoiler]

PeaceFlower[spoiler]343/123/-755 Spawns 1

571/135/-673 Spawns 1 (SOMETIMES ITS FIREHERB) [/spoiler]

Fire Herb / Gun Powder[spoiler]571/135/-673 Spawns 1 (SOMETIMES ITS PEACE FLOWER)[/spoiler]

Tree Branch/Apple[spoiler]229/85/-545 Spawns 1

503/128/-683 Spawns 1[/spoiler]

Mana Root[spoiler]394/91/-702 Spawns 1[/spoiler]

Star Dust (Currency)[spoiler]172/100/-572 Spawns 1[/spoiler]

Coal[spoiler]261/92/-464 Spawns 1

205/84/-764 Spawns 3 +4(inside the cave)

261/98/-713 Spawns 2

299/90/-681 Spawns 2?3?

252/88/-517 Spawns 2

392/91/-704 Spawns 2 [/spoiler]

Iron[spoiler]151/98/-771 Spawns 3[/spoiler]

Emerald[spoiler]165/88/-780 Spawns 1[/spoiler]