[Patch Notes] "Rebalancing the scales" - Update

Started by mathweev, October 10, 2020, 01:29:28 PM

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Update "Rebalancing the scales" - Patch Notes
10/10 - 2020

Major Updates:
- T1 smithing major overhaul.
- T1 item improvement overhaul. You now need various resources throughout T1 for item improvement. Being friends with a smith is never a bad call!
- T1 Mob variety. It is commendable to explore and 'taste' their weaponry on your own skin.
- New T1 content: Mobs and Minibosses.
- T1 Dungeon increased level range and difficulty.
- Added cooldowns and cast time effects for most mobskills. Still, be wary in the wilds...
- Added new/changed skills to most bosses. Try not to die <3
- New T3 content: A new boss for lower T3 and more rare loot for levels 40-50.

General Changes:
- Iron Skinned Boar (lv16) set from "Friendly" to "Neutral".
- Sylvan Critter (lv47) set from "Friendly" to "Neutral".
- Random T1 chests now have additional/changed loot.
- Material drops from T1 mobs adjusted to fit new improvement requirements.
- Lowered Kraark's (lv57) damage by 50%.
- The Catacombs dungeon has new/changed chest sets for both boss loot as well as general chests for all difficulties.
- The Catacombs are now accessible until level 25 instead of level 20.
- Infernal Horror is now accessible until level 45 instead of level 40.
- Fixed Undead_Recruit (lv9) drop rates and loot drops.
- Added to / changed most drop tables for T1 mobs.
- Adjusted exp values of late T3 mobs.
- Haven of Retribution and Consecrated Soil now affect crystal bosses.
- Prism skills are no longer capable of double-stacking on the same player.
- Holding materials or quest items needed to progress a quest in your left hand no longer bugs the quest objective in question.
- Memberslots for guilds has been increased with a focus on the amount of players in a low level guild.
- Daily exp limit for guilds increased significantly. This should allow for a 'catchup' effect.
- Quest Tracker (Currently only works on a few select quests. Will be updated over time).
- Combat tutorial and Skill tutorial added at imperia gates.
- Added warning to the improvement smith if the current item input won't provide any exp to the player (for smiths).
- Left-clicking with an empty skillslot in hand will now prompt a message to open skilltree. Right-clicking with an empty skillslot in hand will now open the skilltree.
- New food 'Honey' added to T3 bees.

Profession changes:
- Alchemist: Identifiers of level 1-5 can now identify all items at level 1-5.
- Smiths with improvement level 1-5 now earn experience from upgrading all items at level 1-5.
- Improvement requirements for most T1 items have been changed/adjusted to make for smoother levelling.
- Increased rate of Malachite appearing in malachite ores.
- Increased rate of Wooden branches appearing from oak leaves.
- New potion type: 'potion of regeneration' added.
- Double-sized harvestable plants no longer cause any visual bugging.
- Ore particles are now changed depending on whether the player has the mining profession or not.

Terrain Changes:
- Added a few Valdrimium Ore's to Shunan Senlin
- Added Depot Master, Marketcrier, Merchant, Ore Merchant, Rune Merchant, Food Merchant and Traveller to the town of Novrovic
- Added more cobalt ores around the grove.
- New pathway leading from the pirate cove to the Ruins of Camalan safezone.
- Added a new wilderness safezone. Can you find it?
- New 'teasers' for future map expansions added around the map. Please try not to spoil them too much for yourself :)

Skill changes and balancing:
- Cold Wrath reduced frostbite duration from 8 seconds to 4 seconds at lv1 and 7 seconds at lv4.

- Divine Hammer 'offering' duration damage increased by 1 second.
- Hammer of Judgement damage buffed by ~10%.
- Haven of Retribution damage buffed by ~40-55%. Increased frequency of damage ticks at lv4.
- Haven of Rejuvenation healing nerfed by ~30%. Healing frequency increased by .5 seconds per tick.
- Prism of Vitae healing per tick reduced by ~90%. Duration increased from 8 seconds to 40 seconds at max rank. - - Healing frequency increased by .5 seconds per tick at max rank.
- Empyreal Judgement damage buffed by ~60%.
- Blinding Blast damage buffed by ~70%. Increased stun duration by 1s at lv4.
- Light Vortex damage buffed by ~20%.

- Decisive Strike lv5 damage buffed by 10%.
- Paralyzing Smash lv5 damage buffed by 10%.
- Piercing Strike lv5 damage buffed by 5%.
- Shield Seism lv5 damage buffed by 5%.
- Blinding Calamity lv5 damage buffed by 5%. Made the AoE of the skill much smaller.
- Petrifying Seism lv5 damage buffed by 5%.
- Rapid strike angle of impact reduced by 10 degrees.
- Consecrated Soil damage buffed by ~40-55%.
- Judgemental Hammer damage buffed by ~40%.
- Evasive strike damage buffed by ~15%. range leaping increased by 1 block for lv4.
- Heaven's Fury Damage buffed by ~15%.

- Swipes reduced the number of attacks by 1. Nerfed damage by 5%.
- Gaping wound damage nerfed by 33%, chance of bleeding decreased by 10%.
- Axe Throw ranged nerfed by 20%. Increased bleeding chance by 10% and damage by 80% at lv5.
- Reduced Inner Beast damage increase percentage, increased number of stacks available by 5 for a total of 10 stacks with a 45% damage increase at lv4.
- Ground Pound radius decreased by 1 block. Max stun duration reduced by .5 seconds.

- Light Footed speed buff increased to 45% at level IV.
- Charged Shot damage buffed by 25%. Decreased charge time by .5 seconds at lv4.
- Daze Shot stun duration increased by .5 seconds at max rank.
- Homing arrow damage buffed by ~20%.
- Explosive trap damage buffed by ~20%.
- Bear trap damage buffed by ~20%.
- Freezing trap damage buffed by ~10%.
- Arrow Rain number of arrows reduced by 5.
- Multishot passive number of arrows reduced from 2/4/6/8 to 2/3/4/5.

- Increased cooldown on Blink and Soul Swap significantly.
- Increased range on Dagger Strike.
- Increased base cooldown on Stealth by 4 seconds.
- Increased magical damage on Dragon Rise by 25%.
- Cluster Bomb damage buffed by ~10%.
- Shadow Attack lv4 damage buffed by ~5%.
- Wide slashes cooldown increased by 1 second.

T1 specific equipment changes:
- Balau Weaponry (lv4) from uncommon to common.
- Enchanted Wooden weaponry (Lv6) from common to uncommon.
- Jagged Balau Weaponry (lv9) from uncommon to rare.
- Charmed Wooden weaponry (lv11) from common to uncommon.
- Reinforced Sticky weaponry and armor set (lv13) from common to uncommon.
- Skullkeeper Equipment (lv14) from uncommon to rare.
- Smithing weapons (lv16) from common to uncommon.
- Infected Weaponry (lv17) from common to uncommon.
- Thorny Orc Weaponry (lv19) from common to uncommon.
- Removed manasteal from Manatic Bronze armourset (lv18 rare).
- Added Balau (lv4, common), Reinforced Balau (lv6, uncommon) and Jagged Balau (lv9, rare) shields to Catacombs easy.
- Added Sticky (lv11, common), Reinforced Sticky (lv13, uncommon) and Protective (lv15, rare) shields to Catacombs normal.
- New craftable weapons (Arcane Weaponry, lv18, rare).
- New 'Elemental' armor set (lv10, uncommon).
- New 'Sticky' armor set (lv11, common).
- New 'Orcish' armor set (lv19, uncommon).

T2 specific equipment changes:
- Miner's Dense Stone Weaponry (lv23) from common to uncommon. Added armor attribute to this weapon set.
- Reinforced Metallic Weaponry (lv24) from uncommon to rare
- Hardened Darkstone Weaponry (lv26) from common to rare
- Jagged Ghastly Stone Weaponry (lv29) from common to uncommon.
- Perfected Metallic Weaponry (lv28) from lv28 to lv30 and rare to epic
- Gloomy Stone Weaponry (lv32) from common to rare
- Metallic Cobalt Plated Armory (lv34) from uncommon to rare
- Metallic Olemptum (lv38) from common to uncommon.
- Infernal Chainmail armor (lv23) from common to uncommon
- Infernal Sticky armory (lv24) changed from lv24 to lv22.
- Spectral Chainmail armor (lv29) from common to uncommon.
- Bloody Ghoul Armor (lv31) from common to uncommon.

T3 specific equipment changes:
- Buffed Living crest Armor. Gave it different Stats for each Class
- Buffed Grovekeeper Sword
- Nerfed Grovekeeper Dagger and Bow
- Changed Improvement Materials needed for Fire-Tipped Ironwood and Deep-rooted Ironwood from Steel ingots to Iron ingots
- Decreased the amount needed for Upgrading some Items.
- Steam Powered Olemptum/Overclocked Olemptum Upgrade Material changed from Volken Brass Ingots to Silver Ingots also decreased amount needed
- Fixed Craftable Weapons in T3 Weapon forging not having Gemslots
- Buffed Shattercrest Bracelet
- Added Grove Nexus Weapon- and Armor Set (lv46, rare)
- Added Toxiphobic Ironwood Weaponry (Rare Lv48)
- Added Poison-Scaled Ironwood Armory (Rare Lv48)
- Changed Upgrade Materials needed for Shattercrest (Rare Lv59)
- Changed Level requirement for craftables; Sentient and Sylvan ironwood Weaponry.
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