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Meeleemike Flying Hacker(?) IGN: Bryce_Playz_MC

Started by SnZed, August 06, 2018, 12:44:42 AM

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I think hes hacking.

Was there a special event that give a player a special boots that makes them fly?
2 (66.7%)
I want admin or helper to help me out with this
1 (33.3%)

Total Members Voted: 3


I think meeleemike is hacking, I saw him on pirate cave, hes lvl 4, flying, killing bloody bill. I asked him he look like hes hacking bcuz he was flying and killing the mobs. But he said he got a special boots that makes him fly which was from a special event. So I am not sure if he is hacking or not but if he is it would be great if someone punish him. If not I would tell him that I am sorry for thinking he was hacking and posting this article, but if some1 was flying on a game who wouldn't think they're hacking. The screen shot is really bad bcuz i had to resize it so i could actually post something.


Thank you for reporting. Those boots do not exists which means he is hacking. Actions will be taken.
Message me with your character id/name or ign for a small reward.

Can you provide a high quality screenshot of his ign please?

Proof for later reference: