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Memory Fights, Reinforced Dungeons and Trophy Rooms

Started by Dave, July 27, 2018, 06:48:44 PM

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Hey guys,

almost everything is said in the video below, so please watch it first and read the edits before making any comments. (Also I didn't "warm up" my english nor my voice before recording, so just increase the video speed or you might fall asleep. You've been warned.)

All 3 suggestions are especially cool for players who want to collect everything.

Regarding Reinforced Dungeons:
Mobs will be stronger but that doesn't apply to their drops (e.g. Noble armor would still require players to be lvl 19 min. without having increased stats)

Regarding Trophy Rooms:
It doesn't make sense to put a Trophy Room above the bank since every player would have a unique one which isn't visible for other players.
A better option would be that every player has his/her own (Trophy) Room which is accessible from the Game Menu. Also just like viewing the inventory or bank from another player (if set on public) you can also enter his/her Room.

I am already excited for your feedback on my suggestions!

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I appreciate every nice and friendly face! :)


Hello there!

Regarding "memory fights":

In my opinion, the concept of a "memory fight" is incredible - the idea of being able to experience old fights, yet with the hint of a new challenge is quite innovative, I must say (especially given how we reworked every boss's behaviour). ...In fact, you just gave me another idea. ...Thanks.

Regarding "reinforced dungeons":

Whilst I can understand the frustration at not being able to run a dungeon for overstepping the limit by one level or two, thereby being locked out of acquiring a certain equipment; it is essential to understand why the limit was implemented in the first place. That specific dungeon was designed for members of that level interval and making a replica just for the sake of giving players an immediate second chance is sadly not to my liking. Regardless, it may be possible for us to find other solutions - such as: adding a buffer level interval (max: 25) in which you can access both Cata and IH; adding some sort of artifact (I don't know) that compromises EXP gain in order to increase general loot bonus, etc... In sum, I'm opposed to this idea (it sounds like overkill) but I'm in favor of finding other solutions. :P

Regarding "trophy rooms":

The concept of being able to show off your prized equipment, or just store it away in a place where it can be properly displayed is not bad at all - in fact, it would be a fine addition to the game. ...Just not in Imperia. :P
If we ever decide to actually implement player housing or guild halls, then we'll surely implement this concept (provided we don't mess up and forget about it lol) - however, as of now, it's not likely to be made.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for your suggestions - we don't get many like this and, in that regard, is it a breath of fresh air. I hope you did not misunderstand me as offensive or mean, as that was not my intention at all - just a bit blunt, I suppose.

Have a good day,
- Jabberdrake
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(Everything I mention in this post is my opinion, from a player who has been around for a fair while. This is how I would see how these suggestions would work out or impact the game.)

Hey there!

Let me start off by thanking you for the suggestion, I love it when there is a piece of community feedback/suggestions. That being said I must say that the suggestions balancing is a litle on the more overpowered side. While I like the idea of fighting old bosses adapted to your level, the suggestion you made to keep the droprates the same is not healthy for the game. Whilst it is true the droprates are massivly decreased if you are above 5 levels of the mob your fighting it would be very OP to have the same droprates on these bosses even if they are the same level. The reasoning for that is since bosses currently have no special abilitys wich makes the boss hard if you are not careful. For example bloody bill only has one ability with a cannon (wich you cannot dodge  whilst fighting him). This makes it an easy punchbag to kill for the more expirienced players in order to obtain bloody eyepatches to get their black market trinkets. This is the same for all the other bosses. If bosses would have more difficulty to them I would agree on having the same droprated on the normal equipment but still not things from blackmartket. (This is also for your idea on Reinforced Dungeons)

The second problem that I'm seeing is that it will take a massive amount of scaling to get every boss in the game to fit your level, whilst this is something we could do I don not think the server is interested in doing such work now.

Quick mention, in your video you said having the same enviorment for the bosses, just with some barrier blocks around it. If this idea goes trough I would reccomand using the Dungeon system in a similar way for this.

For regarding the trophy room, I earlyer came up with the idea to rent your own house inside of a capital city. That is where you could store some of your stuff and also with the idea in mind to get some sort of showoff room. So maybe instead of giving it an entire seperate feature I would like to see it combined with this idea.

I hope you find this post useful on how to improve your ideas. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post this is how I would see this impact the server in either a positive or negative way. This is not to trashtalk your post.


Right, before I get to anything, let me applaud you for your creativity claps.

If we are going to talk about the so called "memory fights", I think the idea is amazing, and to me it seems like it's a very realistic idea which doesn't seem to require excess coding and building. However, I do not like the objective of this idea, which is to get gear you normally don't have access to anymore due to the difference in levels. There is a reason to the limitation, just like there is to everything, such as increasing trade, limiting the amount of items from the boss etc. The same reasoning goes for the reinforced dungeons. Therefore, it seems like a better idea to me, to use these systems for quests. For example, you'd need to do some of these memory fights to obtain "memory fragments", which would then be used for the quest, similar things could be said about dungeons. In any case, it just seems to me that using this system for quests is a lot more compatible with how this server works.

So getting to your final suggestion, the trophy room. I like this idea, and I'll add it to Guild Halls. Even though the main objective of it won't be to "store" the items, but rather to show them off. However before the Guilds update.. there are many more updates queued so that's going to take a long time. Regarding it being in player housing which Jugo mentioned, similarly, it's going to take a long time to implement something similar to that concept, but if we ever do so, it'll probably be in there.

Anyways, thank you for the suggestions and excuse me for my late reply!
Greetings stranger