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[Concept Developer] - frogmarty889

Started by It_Forg, June 14, 2018, 01:17:15 AM

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IGN: - frogmarty889

Do you have skype/ts3/a working mic? - I have discord, and have a working mic.

Why do you want to join us? - I've been playing Mystic Runes for close to 2 years now(will be at 6/18/18) and have been growing in involvement with the game ever since. I've seen the potential this server has, and with what I've done in the past to contribute, I feel like I can help it benefit further.

Experience - Most of my experience goes into this server, however I have played around with code before to make my own Minecraft experience more enjoyable. I get most of the basics of coding(I've been able to replicate mobs and items from Mystic Runes to my own single player worlds for fun) I feel like with a bit of teaching, I'll be able to get the hang of the game with no major issues with little time needed.

Past Work - I can say I have contributed a good amount to this server. I have helped the head CD with mob/chest placements, balancing, and recently have been asked to plan out the Halloween 2018 event(I know its still over 4 months away, but I'd rather have an idea fully planned out rather than waiting too late). I've gained access to other dev servers as well to help out with concepts/balancing as well. Most of the things I do are through higher ranked players since I can't do much as Quality Assurance, but I'd like to make actual changes that I can do myself and not just stack it up on the one CD that's been doing all the work.

Timezone - Central(UTC -6 Hours)

Online Time - I can be on whenever I'm home(mostly), and I'm not awake very long at night.

Hours a Week: usually I can go 4+ hours a day because of no school and I don't have much going on.

Agreement of Ownership - Yes.

Anything Else? - I feel like another CD that is focused on the develop of content(mobs, skills, events, balancing | stuff like that) will really help the server move forward more efficiently than it has been. I believe I can do a lot to help the server progress and make it a great challenging experience for players that already play, and new ones to come.

Below is a document that I worked on 5 months ago regarding mob balances that I thought were necessary.


A strong application!

Having seen your hard work and dedication behind the scenes first hand, both as a friend and fellow quality assurance team member, I believe that this deserves appreciation and in my personal opinion you seem very deserving of a Concept Developer position as a result of such works. 

I wish you good luck with your application :^)


"If the universe wasn't meant to be ruled, why does the power to rule it exist?"


Accepted  :) I will add you to the discord and ingame groups. Contact Jabber please regarding current projects and access to them.