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[Coder] - steli2

Started by steli2, May 20, 2018, 09:19:20 AM

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IGN: steli2

Do you have TS3/Skype/a working mic?
I have a Skype account and a working microphone, as well as a Discord profile that I use mainly. My discord is steli2#0610

Why do you want to join us? We want to know why you are choosing us over other options. At least 3 sentences.
This is one of the few servers that I have invested move than a year and a half now and I have seen it growing bigger and bigger, both as a game and as a community. I want to be part of the Coding team, so that I could be able to help improve both the experience players get from playing, and the community they meet and get into over time. Also, I think I can make a significant contribution to the developing side of the server, not only to the code behind the mechanics of the game.

I, as a person, am a fan of overall game developing and have spent a lot of time on coding different smaller game ideas. Also, I've always been interested in computer technologies and computer science, particularly in the more gaming and interactive side of things. Mathematics is the other thing that I love doing and I have a lot of knowledge in both of these areas. In addition, I see this as a great opportunity for me to gain experience on working on a really big product, that could be really useful when I apply for a full time job.

I am currently in 2nd year of high school. I am rather experienced in C++ and HTML/CSS/JS with over 5 years of practice, with C++ being my main choice for a coding language. My experience is mostly in competitive programming in C++, or in another sense, I am really good at optimizing code and knowing ways to make it run faster. I've been on multiple competitions in programming, as well as mathematics, with significant results from the past two years, ranking in the top 10 in most of them (links to the rankings below). I've worked on websites, mostly for school projects, and I am very experienced in writing mostly HTML and CSS code. I am currently getting deeper into Java and JavaScript. At school I am also being taught C#, even though I also have some past experience with it. Moreover, I am experienced with the graphical framework SFML for C++ and have done several smaller and relatively bigger projects.

GMT + 3 (currently) or GMT + 2 as Daylight saving time begins

When are you online the most / How many hours a week will you be able to work with/for us?
I am usually most active around 9~11 PM on weekdays and 4~7 PM on weekends, though I have participate in quite a bit of school activities, such as mathematics, informatics and chess. I actively participate in competitions, so I often have to spend additional time on them. You can expect me to work actively around 6 hours a week, unless there is a really important competition or an exam.

Do you agree that anything you build/create/code for our server belongs to our server alone, and that by giving it to us you are giving its ownership to us?
Of course! And I am sure it will be of great use to you!

Anything else you want to add?
First of all, I want to thank you for the time spent reading my application.  I believe that my skills would be of great use to the MysticRunes team. Also, I want to mention that I am familiar with a lot of other active users on the server, such as Talanthas, Jabberdrake, Jugo and many more! Finally, I want to be clear, that even though I am going to give my best for the server and its community, I would still give more priority to my personal life.

My rankings from national competitions. I apologise for them being in my native language. For privacy reasons, my name will be privately messaged to Jalau. - International Autumn Competition in Mathematics
National Winter Competition in Mathematics
National Spring Competition in Mathematics
Also as a side note, on the International Olympics in Informatics 2017, a representative from Bulgaria was ranked 7th in the world, out of more than 300 competitors.

My github page:
Currently, with more work being invested in are the following pages: - A small game made just for a fun challenge - A bigger game, where you enter a level, with the purpose of collecting gems and then leaving the so called "maze", without blocking your way out nor blocking your way to the gems - A website that was made as a class project. I was actually the only one given permission to write it as a pure code, while everyone else was using a program, which is the reason why the information is on my native language - A database that my guild had plans to use to make a contribution system, where they could invest their materials in our guild for a private currency they get, which they could materials contributed from other players.
One last thing, that I unfortunately cannot provide a link for, is once I attempted making a small Discord bot, for the Sunstrider discord. It had the most basic option of rolling a die, but it was still something that gave me even a little bit experience.

Once again, thank you for the time spent reading.
Yours sincerely, steli



Thanks for your application. I will talk to the others and then come back to you asap  ;D


An absolutely great application my friend 8)
And although we've had many talks about your coding, I admit I feel pretty darn impressed seeing it layed out like this :o
As for your personal life, I mean, who wouldn't say that their own personal lives do not take priority, an aspect that applies practically everywhere :)
Finally, I can only say that I would definitely look forward to seeing you as a part of the staff team and work together with you on making concepts as well as code!
Gathering Clouds


Would love to see you work for mysticrunes
Hoped that an assassin's jewel would pay for a healer's education.