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Help with Priest

Started by Sivna, May 17, 2018, 02:45:47 AM

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Okay, so, really dumb question but no one is online to help me. I joined the server a few days ago, and made a ago solo. Then i got a few friends to hop on with me. I then made a priest to run with them, since i like supports. However, i skipped through the tutorial so we could all just start playing. As such, i didn't really read what their rClick ability was. I asked in chat the other day for assistance, and i was told i was just a heal. But I've used it multiple times on both myself and my friends, and we all agree it does nothing. Am I just missing something? Is it bugged? I'd really like some insight cause it really is mildly infuriating that I have no idea what this thing does. And frankly, I'm rather useless to the party in this sate.


It is indeed 'just' a heal however, and I believe there might be one or two reasons as to why it is not working for you. Firstly, you might actually be using it wrong, unlike the stereotypical "heal" skills, most priest skills are based on the ground, so to heal someone with your right click you will have to right click at their feet to be exact, and it can even heal more than one if they are close enough to each other.
Secondly, it might have to do with particles, Simply check your particle settings and turn it up :) A final note to do would be to access the settings in your game menu, from which you have "Visual" settings that can be updated to show things like exp, your damage dealt or taken, and even the amount you are healed with too. Especially the last feature is pretty good to have on as it will make it easier to monitor your own health progress. Just either PM me on here or write on discord if it is still not working for you when following all these steps :D Finally, I of course have no idea whether you guys are partying up or anything, but making a party will definitely be beneficial to your progress if you haven't already.


PS: if you boys have discord, here's the discord for the server:
Gathering Clouds