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[Patch Notes] Update

Started by mathweev, May 10, 2018, 03:55:51 PM

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Update "... Warp Speed." - Patch Notes

- Achievements not updating for the player.
- "Join Announcement" setting toggling itself off automatically.
- Being able to kill NPCs in class selection.
- Environmental damage killing you in the tutorial.
- Withdrawing more than 10 stardust in the tutorial phase.
- Retaining the skill you received in the tutorial, effectively raising that particular skill by an extra point.
- Game Menu sections capable of making the player's items glitch.
- Loot chests being broken
- Armour stats not being applied after respawn.
- Kick on player death if respawn name is longer than 16 characters.
- Levelup not being granted directly upon reaching 100% exp.
- NPC shops not displaying human head item skins.
- NPC skins in general.
- Mounts stunable by skills.
- Bats having a wrong sound.
- 'Wrong Purchase' quest dialogues.
- Bank upgrade resetting entire bank.
- Unidentified items being wearable
- Unidentified items showing descriptive lore.
- Swapping the rolls of two of the same item.
- + > 4 items not glowing. Please check in with us should this bug persist to come about.
- Items rerolling on enchantments etc.
- Item lore missing in wilderness/loot chests
- Wilderness message etc. showing up twice.
- No weapon switch sound when going from skill to weapon.
- Damage of items is no longer being randomised.
- Crystal and Orc General Equipment having less durability.
- Disallowing consumption of non potion items such as golden apples and throwing potions that are just items.
- Mineable ores turning into normal ores upon being clicked by a miner with a game menu.
- Setting last leader of a guild to non-leader
- No daily guild exp reset
- invitation to guilds without permission using character gui.
- Being unable to change the base color of a banner.
- Mob messages not showing in chat when the respective option was on.
- Mob drops with an ID range just adding the first drop x times.
- Death triggers not working for infected undeads.
- Blaze taking fall damage.
- Catacombs dungeon overlapping rooms across dimension.
- Changing dungeon lobbies not working.
- Skins defaulting in player joining a room.
- Pumpkin King Bomb.
- Mage mobs targeting stealthed players.
- Hunter mobs dealing only 2 damage.
- Spammable charged attacks.
- Thorns adding the entity to skip damage event list.
- Poison damage adding fire entity effect.
- Arrows from skills subtracting durability from bow.
- Cooldown reduction being exponentially stackable.
- Skill casting while in cast time.
- 100% knockback resistance not working
- Hitting an iron golem during a duel causing server crash.
- Hammer of Judgement not dealing double damage to undeads when offering is deactivated.
- Smooth transition of Blessing: Endurance, now works wholly.
- Blessing: Concentration costing mana.
- Prism of Vitae healing owner instead of party members that pick it up.
- Brother's guard not working.
- Blinding calamity causing only visual damage.
- Warrior skill tree arrow pointing left instead of curving at bloodlust.
- Cold wrath destroying torches.
- Cryomantic mastery increasing cooldown instead of casting speed.
- Repairable accessories.
- Quests unable to be disabled (event quests for example).
- Profession backpack displaying your own backpack instead of the character that is being viewed.
- Durability dissappearing (visual) after putting an item into the upgrade gui.
- Adjunct NPC missing.
- Priest mobs healing balloon bats (cosmetic).
- Defaulting mana upon death.
- Quest items being stuck in backpacks.
- Lava damage being super high (killing any entity in a few seconds).
- Enchanting and socketing unidentified items.
- Bow bosses being unable to crit with arrows.
- Passive skill buffs carrying over when changing character.
- Being able to craft vanilla items in the inventory crafting grid.
- Dropping untradeable items when inventory is full.
- Eagle Eyes not working (pls test <3).
- Assassination killing a target in a duel.
- Weapon Charging being spamable.
- Player-killing a player by being the last to damage them before they die from a mob.
- Boomerang giving the player a carrot on a stick.
- Fighter's Resolute not being based on your physical damage.
- Client side arrow blocking.
- Items being removed upon dropping due to a cancellation.
- Being able to trade untradeables.
- Being able to make a bank note with 0 stardust.
- Stats of a player being visible despite the settings being toggled off.
- Blinding Calamity not dealing double damage when supposed to.
- Miracle Ressurection not updating health and not resetting health percentages.
- Cinder chain particles occuring when the mob is already dead.
- Respawn quit issues.
- Brother's Valor not targeting Party Members.
- Prism of Vitae healing for too long.
- Movement speed: 0 not rendering a mob immovable.
- Easter Death effect not showing in the correct menu.
(About half of these bugs (and many unlisted ones that were either part of events or other additions) were already patched through in the past few months).

- Accessories [Easter Update] (Field boss drop only).
- Rebalanced smithing item requirements.
- Material and Food Merchants.
- Conversion Shop [TEMPORARY] (270, 89, -350) To trade for the currently unavailable materials that are necessary for professions.
- Cooldown to mob skills
- Added a "Back" button to the skill menu.
- Calculation on withdrawing raw stardust so that it will not go beyond the capacity of the player's inventory.
- New mob skills!
- New projectile option to mage mobs.
- Stats book in the game menu.
- Showing armour and weapon without holding them:
- Added baby zombies.
- Profession Backpacks.
- Boss message Setting (choose above head or chat message).
- Detailed Booster information in the server menu.
- "Shop NPC" tag above shop-assigned NPCs.
- Viewable accessories.
- Multiple pages for the guild member list.

- Bloody Bill now drops 'map fragments' instead of Blank Parchment.
- Mages can now melee "attack" which means when attacking a mob in melee range it will still shoot a wand projectile instead of doing nothing.
- Current guild invitations are now fully purged upon joining or creating any guild.
- EXP gain is now disallowed while respawning (party share).
- Level cap: 46. Guild exp is still earned.
- Tutorial made to fix the skill update.
- Limited mob summon skills to a maximum in spawned mobs.
- Add dungeon generator light update to progress bar instead of showing 100%.
- Removed non-ingredients from the brewing tab.
- [Warrior] Swipe particles are now further ahead and above.
- Stun circle is higher and smaller, and moves around the head.
- Changed the poison and fire tick damage to be based on weapon damage rather than mob HP.
- Cooldowns of skills now only go up to 127 seconds.
- Passive skills send a message upon activation (toggle setting).
- Cold wrath [Mage] pertains its particles for the duration of its activation.-
- All item entities are now removed on startup.
- Great Leap and Disengage [Hunter] can only be used while on the ground now.
- Character NPCs now show the correct health of that character.


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