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[Patch Notes] Post Skill System Fixes

Started by Jalau, August 21, 2017, 07:46:06 PM

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Hello fellow MysticRunes players,
with this post I just want to continuesly update a list of bugs that have been fixed or at least that are supposed to be fixed to keep you up to date on the progress. I would gladly appreciate feedback on whether bugs still occur.

Fixed Bugs since Skill Update:
- Eagle Eyes not working
- Crystal and Orc General itemshaving less max durability
- Hunter companions dealing only 1-2 damage
- Mage and Warrior special attack charging either not working or spam charging abusable
- Hunter arrows often passing through target (created a custom hit detection)
- Brewing tutorial sometimes not working/stopping right in the middle of the tutorial
- Withdrawing more stardust than you actually have
- Stealth not always disappearing when hitting an enemy
- Skill binding not always working
- Second slot of inventory being changed into skill item/durability being changed
- Arrows of bow bosses not critting if the boss is using the charge skill
- Bank upgrade always costing 10k stardust
- On guard not working properly
- Heavens Fury blockable without losing stamina
- Passive skills stacking
- Blessing Endurance stacking
- Damage cooldown (invulnerable) still applied to mobs
- Dropping stuff that is not dropable while having full inventory and picking up another item stack causes you to lose the dropped item
- Stardust dropping at the bank when withdrawing too much for the inventory to hold
- Trading untradeable items when using trade menu
- Decisive Strike critchance stacking
- Arrows of skills subtracting durability from your weapon
- Getting exp from the party while being in respawn screen
- Light Vortex shooting mobs around
- Brothers Valor not targeting party members
- Cinder chain particles connectiong to dead mobs
- Miracle resurrection not updating health and healing player for said percentage
- Prism of Vitae not usable by party members
- Respawn quitting issues
- Poison damage adding fire to entity
- Blink skill sometimes not working
- Skill Tree Inventory not always working
- Fireball skill not working
- Corpse name being longer than 16 chars and causing a kick for all nearby players
- Loot chests being always empty
- Gems not working properly
- Casting skills while stunned not possible even if they should "unstun" you
- Soul Swap bugging crystals
- Pyro Assult hitting same enemy multiple times
- Cryomantic Stalagmite not dealing damage
- Switching slots in bank can cause you to dupe the skill items
- Cooldown reduction keeps stacking

This is a very long list and will be updated once more bug fixes are released. I hope this shows you that we are still making progress even if no new features are added right now because we are trying to fix all bugs.