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Started by mathweev, December 04, 2017, 11:36:29 AM

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Welcome to Sunstriders! A guild centered around creating an active, fun and respectful community. This we do through supporting each and every one of our members to achieve their best potential as well as through overall dedication from every single member. We do however all have real lives, and as such we do not expect any specific requirements of hours online or the like, but rather an overall understanding of everyone helping wherever they can.

   - All server rules apply in terms of in-game behaviour.
   - Be mindful of your behaviour. Act maturely and be responsible for what you write/post.
   - Be active. Our lives are of course more important than the game, but you are expected to be decently active and gain daily exp ect. For the guild.
   - Support the guild - however you can. We are a team and we expect each other to help us out even at their own losses. So we must be willing to do the same.
   - To this comes that the player must be willing to change profession for the sake of the guild.

   - Has to be the player's main character.
   - Applying is essential to joining if you wish to join without having been referred by current members.
   - Main character level 25+. To show you are active in the general community. It is however possible to apply before this so long as you can reach the requirement before long.
   - Main Character level 10+ and having received an official referral from a guild member.

Application format:
- Username:
- Character name:
- Class & level:
- Profession (if any):
- Discord Username and Tag:
- Other means of Contact (in case of no discord):
- Why I would like to join:
- Mystic Guild history:

(Note that it is possible to change one's character in the guild at any given moment, so long as you treat that character as your main, thus allowing you to essentially level up more than one character within the guild so long as the first character is your main character).
Finally, as it is a motivated application, sending a direct list of who you are will not exactly help in our validation.
Gathering Clouds


   - Username: priestZ
   - Characer name: priestZ
   - Class & level: assassin lvl 15
   - Profession (if any): alchemist lvl 1
   - Discord Username and Tag: Pönte#9420

please let me join :)


- Username: Moeyyy
- Characer name:Moey
- Class : Hunty
- Profession (if any): Alchemist
- Discord Username and Tag: iitz_moey#4577
- Why I would like to join: Cuz Why Not : /