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Watercave Dungeon T3

Started by silversience, September 04, 2017, 12:19:05 AM

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What about a name like "Flooded Cavern"


The best name I can think of right now is Crystal-clear Cove.

It references the themes shown in the screenshots (crystals, water, underground cave)  and it just rolls of the tongue nicely to me.  We can't have a title for this that's so generic as "watercave."

Other suggestions:
Clearwater cave
Aquatic Underpass
Crystalline Basin


Crystalline Basin is definitely a go from me. At first I honestly just skipped over the four suggestions by Art, but I'd actually dare say that I now like those the most when considering both possible stories and scenarios as well as the visuals that we've seen on both the streams and in pictures :)
So I would vote with "Crystalline Basin" as my absolute favored, and if not, I will allow myself to bypass the names that Art posted to "Crystalline Underpass".
Gathering Clouds