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Mass Brewing

Started by Eldrex, August 23, 2017, 06:25:50 PM

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Yuna told me to go ahead and suggest this but Jabber said not to, but whatever yolo.

Brewing takes too long for lots of items. Make it so when you select a recipe, you can also select a quanity. You can choose a number by increasing/decreasing the amount in intervals of 5. If you dont have enough materials it wont work. When you craft the recipe you craft it the same way you would with one, but when youre done, it takes all the materials for the # of items you requested, and give you that many. Thats it. Bye
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I mean, something like this might happen in the future... just with some disadvantages. One of the reasons potions aren't as overpowered as they should be is due to the time required to make them, if we actually implement  this mass brewing idea, there would be negative effects for the potions caused by it to prevent it from becoming too overpowered. Other than that, this might be a good idea for the future.
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Why not increase the materials requirement as well if mass brewing? similar to brewing large quantities in a large couldren. So say 1 potion needs x amount of ressources, 5 potions needs x*5*1.5 amount of materials, and perhaps also the debuff that Yuna mentioned due to quantity over quality method?
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I think this is highly possible to add up in the future, and it makes a lot of sense.
There is two things that need to be done to make this successful;

1. gained profession EXP is reduced when brewing larger quantity of potions at once. That means for the highest EXP outcome you will need to craft single potions.

2. You have a material loss when brewing more potions at once. This can be set to a fix amount of possibly 20-30%. Like that you trade saving-time for materials.

If this is implemented, potion stacking will be enlarged.
Possibly for the normal potions to stack up to 5 and throw-potions to 3.

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i honestly wouldnt mind brew single potions because i have the supplies but ping lags my clicks so its not efficient enough

Edit: Also the new thing on the server "youre clicking too fast"
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