Hunter's arrows sometimes go through or bounce off enemies

Started by joshua123_4, August 08, 2017, 06:23:47 AM

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Type of bug: Hit detection.

Situation needed: None? Unless fixing the bug counts.

Description: Well, sometimes when I'm shooting at enemies, my arrows will either go straight through them and hit the enemy behind them (if there is one) or bounce right off them and do nothing. I don't know if this is a bug or an actual feature, but if it is a bug, I'd like to see it fixed soon. Note that this doesn't happen all the time but enough times to be annoying, and it also happens with skill arrows.

Any other details needed: None.

(Sorry for the short video and only one occurence. There's some insane lag going on that's making it nearly impossible to even fire a shot.)


Unfortunetly this bug have his name - "Bugged Hitboxes" - with this bug it's useless as hunter use multishot passive because you will never hit with all 8 arrows one or two targets or rapid fire (but i recommend max it for faster pve/pvp)...
Thanks it even if you wanna try pvp you ussually will lose because sword or "fast wand" havent this problem and dmg is big difference in skills and in basic dmg and this problem is same for many skills which are projectile type

This is know bug and unfortunetly very "long-standing" because it very hard fix it.. In dev team was also idea to get rid off multishot passive and charging effect..

You have to use to it for now.. I play hunter for long time so i know how you feel  ;)

When you get more lvl you will start use more skills and this problem will be smaller though you will still notice it..

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