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Skill Update (Patch Status)

Started by Jalau, August 07, 2017, 09:36:59 pm

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As many of your probably noticed the start of the skill update was quite difficult and a lot of bugs were found that we were unable to find in the whole test period of the skill system. We are still discovering new issues daily but I worked till 5 am to ensure that at least most of the big gamebreaking issues are fixed. Please report all issues to me, best would be to add it to the forum post that already tries to collect all the bugs. If you lost an item due to a bug or your character wiped message me and I can restore the items. I know it has been a difficult start but I hope that we all can improve this game experience and make it bug free. I have 3 things that I want you to especially report to me:
- Dungeon boss rooms not spawning mobs and boss (should be fixed)
- Items breaking for no reason (dunno whether it still happens)
- Extreme lag (I looked into it and fixed some stuff but dunno whether that caused it)
- Character wiping (Describe how it happend)

I can't post a full list of issues I already fixed but trust me, there are a lot. I think it is at least playable right now.

All in all I wish you all best of luck for looting and I hope that you enjoy the new skill system.



I have another bug founded, that the "back" attacks (that is used for some things like "Sneaky Assassin" skill) are being considered if you hit the enemy in front, while in the back of them are being considered as normal attacks
Why are you seeing this? The post/reply is up!