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Started by Hretha, August 06, 2017, 11:17:43 PM

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Jalau can you log into "Hretha" and try using the skills tab? wouldnt work
Also Lucy tried aswell and didnt work
Hoped that an assassin's jewel would pay for a healer's education.


Try if it is working now.


I've got a few bugs to report for priests.

Brother's Valor I does not connect with party members at all. No matter where you aim it.

the two Haven spells don't share a cooldown like they state. But that's good!
This is a bug is one I'd actually like to see kept in the game. It's not OP using both the spells at once and its actually fairly satisfying. Priest feels underpowered right now and keeping this in will help counteract that. All that should be changed in my opinion is to remove the text saying they share the same cooldown.

On a side note I'm not sure if you'd count this last one as a bug but binding blast I's hitboxes feels small compared to the graphics. its a large spell so it should have a hitbox bigger then one square right? maybe make it 5 squares in a + shape if that's possible?

Hope you keep my suggestions in mind and I've gotta say you've did a great job on the skill update so far! The abilities feel so much cooler to use now. (my favorite is the rain cloud from Empyreal judgement :3)