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Lost Item At Smith

Started by iitzmoey, April 07, 2017, 03:54:46 PM

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I had A Death Wish Wand And It Was Damaged So I Gave It To The Smith, After 5 Minutes I Logged Out And The Next Day, The Smith Didn't Have My Item. :P . My Wand Had Lifesteal 3% So It Was Very Good And I Upgraded It Once


I am sorry to hear that. I will look into it though.


Actually, Im the one who have it.
You dropped it on the ground instead of placing it in the smith and i picked it up.


That is kinda funny. I have never experienced issues with the Smith so I was kinda irritated.


I clicked on the smith and put the item in his inv., i shift clicked the wand so how did it fall?! and i opened the smith's inv. again and the wand was there. so how did it drop?!?