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Leaderboard Expansion (Professions)

Started by silversience, December 26, 2016, 12:04:48 AM

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Hey fellow players of mysticrunes,

from now on the leaderboard supports all professions which means you can compare your profession levels with other players.

Have fun and stay tuned for more leaderboard categories in the future.


Finally  :)
Was waiting for this for a long time. Good job!


Luk likes to mine, that's what I learned from the leaderboard  :)


To be exact, she mines for silver and I. 😂

Thank you, Silver
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Class: Assassin

Hello I have only recently been playing your server, it is fun classes are well balanced, (Assassin=Best, :P) and Quest are fun but What I love most about is naming your character to fit the Time Period (example my username) BarryHenryAllen I named my Character Xavier_Altiar for my Assassin What I would Like 4 Characters is so we may choose a skin for our character without changing our real skin that effects every other server. *smoke bomb* 



(P.S) I was half asleep while writing that :D *vanishes*


Yea we thought about that feature, however it will probably only offer a small amount of skins to normal players and more to VIPs and higher ranks because the possibility for cosmetic features are limited and we want to have a non pay to win gameplay and still want to offer some cool stuff for VIPs.


The Leaderboard is more organized now and supports different "tabs".