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Started by Chicks, March 28, 2017, 07:48:49 PM

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After killing a bandit farmer, I get some sort of menu coming up. Is this intended?


Is this the only time that it happened?
If so, continue doing whatever you were doing with the farmers.

If it isn't, and it keeps happening again, please stop grinding the farmers/any other mobs that triggers the bug and wait for Jalau to fix it.

Also, what do the Tasks (blocks) say?
Greetings stranger


That comes up when you have 2 different quests where u need to kill the bandit farmers. Just close it when it comes up and finnish the quests



Quest Finished:

Farming Rescue

Im be able to talk with Ben but all that shows up is a empty quest menu.


This pops up everytime even though you cannot finish a quest? Strange. Try to click one of the options to finish a quest. ZeaZar got it right though.


The thing is I completed one. But the other one Bob's Farm (questname) isnt updating anymore, even when I kill the bandit farmers that needs to be killed for this quest and the option to click on isnt showing aswell anymore.


You probably need to talk to Ben now then.