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Star's Catacombs Tips and Tricks

Started by StarDraco123, March 26, 2017, 05:26:56 pm

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Hello there! These are some tip on the level 4-20 dungeon: Catacombs.

First of all Catacombs are randomly generated each time you enter them. They contain numerous preset rooms, but will have a different layout.

Loot - If you want loot I would recommend trying to rush the boss. By skipping most of the mobs you can easily find the boss. I commonly found the boss room adjacent to a tree room, stairs, or a three opening room.
You can get Jagged Balau gear from catacombs easy, it has some fire damage and it all around ok until you get bloody bill or skullkeeper gear.
Catacombs normal yields Imbued and Sharpened Sticky gear, Imbued armor has 5% dodge, reflection, etc respectively one per piece and the weapon has ice + poison damage, being relatively better than skullkeeper and worst than orc general.
Catacombs hard can give you the rare noble gear, which is identical in terms of armor, hp, and damage to orc gen but instead of mana and lifesteal it contains +star find. Catacombs boss loot chest can also yield peaceflowers, manaroots, earthroots, rare gear, empty bottles, empty splashbottles, mint, fairydust, gems, scrolls, wood, etc. (spider eggs in normal)

Xp - If you want more xp you want to kill all of the mobs in the dungeon and possibly even skip the boss, specifically in catacombs hard where the boss is pretty hard

Which one should I do? - I recommend doing catacombs easy from 4-12, normal from 12-20, and hard from 12-20. I personally prefer to do normal to 20 due to it being a good source of string and spider eggs. The spiders in normal are not ranged and are generally less annoying to deal with compared to the infected in hard in general. If you would like more xp I would recommend doing hard and kill the mobs but skipping its boss.

Soloing - It isn't necessary to solo dungeons but it's usually what you'll end up doing unless you are playing with others actively. I recommend to start soloing normal and hard at level 12 but you'll need some pretty decent gear to do so, you'll most likely be able to do this at 14 when you have a skullkeeper weapon or better.

General Dungeon Tips - If you are in a party and get rare gear you can /roll # for it.
Luck rooms are activated by right-clicking on the cauldron in the center and can yield either: nothing, star dust, mobs spawning, or a random teleportation across the dungeon.
Falltraps, these are most easily defined by their narrow corridor and wooden floor. To avoid these watch out for wood and an easy counter is to try jumping across it from left to right instead of front to back attempting to trigger the trap without falling down.
Multiple players in one dungeon, the dungeons will spawn more mobs depending on how many people are in the same dungeon. (Ex. A two person dungeon will contain twice the mobs).
Minor glitches, if spawned at the same time dungeons can occasionally send you to the wrong dungeon and into someone elses dungeon or spawn no mobs in some cases.
House rules, not something you have to follow but it doesn't hurt to ask a person before entering their dungeon.
Banks, dungeons can be used like banks by generating them then entering and leaving them but using the bank in the queue room.
Leaving, to leave you can shift right click the dungeon in its UI I find that this tends to glitch out your game menu in the past so I prefer to enter the character selection screen instead.
Repairing, you can use any anvil in the dungeon specifically and most commonly at the starting room to repair your items for stardust.
Fire, if you're really having trouble you can try to keep a boss in fire dealing % damage to it.

Room Types: (I can't actually do catacombs anymore without deleting a character or paying money to get another slot so no picture ;P)

Starting Room - Has 2 anvils and basic chain fences near the entrance/exit making it an ok place to bring mobs to and kite.

Tree Room - Contains a giant tree in its center with roots and webs if needed you can trap non-spiders in the webs, boss rooms can typically be found in one of the 1-4 openings in this room.

Four Opening Stair Rooms - These have three main openings (I believe it can have four, but I'm going with three main ;D) chests can commonly be found in the back elevated wall or down the stairs in the corners. Boss rooms are somewhat commonly found at the end of these rooms as well.

Fall trap room - This room has a narrow corridor and a wooden floor, below is a decent sized room with a semi wooden floor, a pillar, and a vine made out of leaves that you may climb to the top. This room is pretty good for mob spawns.

Stairs - Contains 2 flights of stairs with mobs spawning on them either in the middle or top. Boss rooms are relatively common at the end of these (or dead ends)

Luck rooms - containing only a cauldron in the middle is can be right clicked to either spawn mobs, spawn stardust, teleport you to a random location in the dungeon, or yield nothing.

Three Opening Rooms - These can have a max of 3 openings and have some leaves and logs in the middle of it, can have nice spawns and chests on the shelves along the wall or near the leaves in the corners.

If you think there is anything I missed feel free to tell me and I'll add it in, I may have missed some rooms but since It's been a while since I've done catacombs and I can no longer do it I'm not too sure.