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Star's Grinding Guide

Started by StarDraco123, March 26, 2017, 05:52:12 am

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March 26, 2017, 05:52:12 am Last Edit: March 26, 2017, 04:08:58 pm by StarDraco123
Hello there! This is my grinding guide for t1-t2 (0-40) for the sake of my credibility I have a level 46 Warrior, 25 Assassin, 21 Mage, and deleted a level 21 Hunter at the time of making this. Now on to the guide ;) (Note: Please try to use Ctrl+F to find your level range if you don't feel like searching through the wall of text)

1-8: The first few levels you want to talk to Erna and Galvin and complete their respective quests. You also want to grind the surrounding thugs and complete most of the Imperia quest which will help you get to know the town and give you decent xp

4-12: Catacombs Easy, great xp for its level and decent loot.

8-14: Bloody Bill and Pirates, found deep in Pirate Cave this boss gives mediocre xp in my opinion but good loot to start out with. From the pirate cave entrance you can also head to the right and kill pirates along the coast for nice xp.

12-18: Skullkeeper, deep in the Ruins of Imperia he gives decent xp and good gear for level 14 (The level 14 weapons are excellent if you want to use them till 24)

12-20: Catacombs Normal, Excellent spot to grind out string and spider eggs, also yields Imbued Sticky Armor (Some give +5% Dodge, Reflection, or perhaps Block I believe) and Sharpened Stick Weapons (Better than skullkeeper weapons and have poison+ice damage). It may be hard to solo at level 12 but it's possible with good gear.

12-20: Catacombs Hard, Yields the rare Noble Gear that gives +Star Find and can give decent xp, although the mobs can be quite annoying at times.

18-24: Orc General: Yields excellent tier armor and weapons that can be used for a long time if you do not get anything better, it is somewhat rare and similar to noble, although it does have better stats in terms of mana on the armor and life steal on the weapons. Experience is decent as well. Tip: You can bring him into a nearby house that has an open door and climb the ladder leading him into an elevated corner with a carpet on the block, he will not be able to escape (If this is considered against the rules please inform me and I will delete this note)

20-28: Miner Warden, Can yield rares and mostly uncommon gear that is some what decent. Also gives great xp for its level.

20-30: Infernal Horror Easy, Can yield good uncommon armor that can be used for a while if nothing else.

28-36: Infernal Horror Normal, Very mediocre gear but decent xp.

30-38: Ghoul Mage, Great gear, great xp, 10/10 spot overall.

30-42: Level 36 Crystal, Can yield Hardened Steel Orbs and decent xp. (This and level 40 crystal are a prime target for warriors due to charge and how these bosses specifically are stationary, meaning charge can hit them more than once)

34-40+: Infernal Horror Hard, I wouldn't recommend this for xp above level 40, but the legendary Pumpkin King gear is quite good (some do prefer Crystal if they have it)

34-40+: Level 40 Crystal: Good endgame gear and excellent xp, from .5-1% xp per Boss kill including the minions. Assassins can use the "Hretha Maneuver" which is done by camping up on the top and throwing down a barrage of smoke bombs with no weapon in your 5th slot. This will spawn a lot of minions best results come in a party killing the minions and ignoring the boss.

If there is anything you think I missed feel free to tell me and I will add it.


"Hretha Maneuver"

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