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Star's Gear Guide

Started by StarDraco123, March 26, 2017, 06:21:04 am

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March 26, 2017, 06:21:04 am Last Edit: March 26, 2017, 06:32:53 am by StarDraco123
Hello there! This is my gear guide for t1-t2 (0-40) for the sake of my credibility I have a level 46 Warrior, 25 Assassin, 21 Mage, and deleted a level 21 Hunter at the time of making this. Now on to the guide ;) (Note: Please try to use Ctrl+F to find your level range if you don't feel like searching through the wall of text, also gear is color coded: Common: White, Uncommon: Green, Rare: Blue, Epic: Purple, Legendary: Orange)

1-5: Use anything you can find really, not too worth to +9 it, if you are struggling feel free to +9 it. (Ex. Bandit gear, Wooden gear, or Optional Crafted gear)

8-10: Lucky Pirate gear, dropped by pirates decent item find and stats.

8-10: Fortified Conjurer gear, found in Catacombs easy decent gear.

9-14: Jagged Balau gear, found in Catacombs easy decent gear all around gives fire damage.

10-16: Bloody Bill gear, found from the boss: Bloody Bill. The weapon has some fire damage and the armor has some item and star find.

14-24: Skullkeeper gear, found from the boss: Skullkeeper. Weapons give decent stats depending on the class and armor gives some mana and mana/s.

16-24: Imbued and Sharpened Sticky gear, found in Catacombs Normal the armor has 5% dodge, reflection, block, etc one per piece and the weapons have ice+poison damage.

17+: Enchanted Leather Armor, crafted with the smtih profession really optional and somewhat costy not as good as orc general gear imo. Armor has a lot of enchantment slots depending on the piece.

20-38: Orc General gear, found from the boss: Orc General. Drop rates are pretty low but the gear is extremely good and can last you a while. The armor has mana and mana/s while the weapons have 10% base life steal.

20+: Noble gear, an alternative to Orc Gen it has the same armor, hp, and damage properties but lacks the mana, mana/s, and lifesteal and instead has +star find.

23+: Infernal Chain Armor, found in Infernal Horror Easy

24-30: Reinforced Metallic weapons, crafted with 60 coal, 30 iron, 1 blank enchantment page, and 1 metallic stone weapon handle.

24+: Horrific Chain gear, found in Infernal Horror Easy. Can have 1% lifesteal it'll last you for a bit.

30-35/38: Perfected Metallic Weapons, Crafted with 1 metallic stone weapon handle, 2 blank enchantment pages, 100 iron ore, 3 hardened steel orbs, 180 coal.

31-38: Enchanted Ghoul Armor, Solid armor in all can be used until Inked Assassin. Has some mana/s.

33-38: Metallic Olemptum Armor, Crafted armor with one enchantment slot and stats for its respective class.

33-38: Disembodied gear, found in Infernal Horror Normal. Decent gear and a substitute if you don't want to craft Metallic Armor.

33-35/38: Gloomy Stone Weapons, Solid weapon and substitute for enchanted ghoul. Has +item find.

35-38: Enchanted Ghoul Weapons, Solid weapons that can be used until Case Hardened. Other than it gives some +mana it has nothing too special about it.

38-39/40: Inked Assassin Armor and Case Hardened Weapons, Solid gear that comes from the level 40 Crystal. I personally like it for the pseudo endgame we are in right now (Until t3 update). Gives good +mana/s.

39+: Pumpkin King gear, Solid gear all around. Armor has +5% xp and stats for their respective classes. Weapons have stats for their respective classes as well. Drop rates are relatively low.

40+: Crystal gear, Dropped by the Level 40 Crystal. Note!! It has 2 gem slots and you CANNOT use 2 of the same gems on one piece for example: If I have 1 crystal axe and put a 3% lifesteal () gem on it I CANNOT put a 4% lifesteal <> gem on it!!. (Some people prefer Crystal over PK [Pumpkin King] if they already have it)

As a side note we were able to see a drop from the t3 boss 'krack' who drops epics that are magic based. Grovekeeper was said to drop rares.