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Star's Log Route (With pictures for the low low price of $89.99)

Started by StarDraco123, March 26, 2017, 04:41:20 pm

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Hello there! This is the 9 Log Route starting from imperia and ending near Imperia!

First from the gate take a left into the small cave passage.

Follow the road through the passage, the first tree you should see has a log. (This log can sometimes fall down the cliff)

You are then met with a fork in the road, take the left path. There is another fork after this take the right path, not going towards shunan. Continue onto the path, you will cross a bridge figure and go up a flight of wooden stairs.

If you stay on the path you should see a bandit leader, the tree next to him has a log.

From the picture above take a left and jump down the ledge into the log camp.

From the log camp take a left up some wooden stairs where you'll see a large tree. At its base is a log.

Next, go through the right 'cave' opening.

Follow the path down then go up the hill and make a sharp right on the hill.

At the tree is a chest and a log.

Go left from there across the hill where you'll see a purple mushroom, from this mushroom you can see a tree to the east.

From that log continue east and head up a wooden flight of stairs to your right, continue east up some more stairs where you will see a tree.

From here take a hard left and hop down the cliff you'll see where a group of pirates are near a net and continue west from there, following the path left.

From where you can head up a path back to Impera and repeat the process. As a tip logs respawn every 4.25 minutes so you should be able to run this over and over again as long as no one else is trying to farm logs (The 2 at the wood camp are the most common to be taken). You may also find logs in chests or dungeon  boss loot chests a lot.