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Status Update: Skill System

Started by Jalau, February 21, 2017, 09:32:31 pm

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Because the skill system has been taking very long I want to give you a quick status update.

We have finished designing all skills and are currently working in different teams to finish the system:

The_Real_Scotti: Sound Design
LimeSpice: Particle Design and Execution
Jalau: Implementing the skills into the server

All Warrior, Assassin and Hunter skills have been implemented and are finished.
As of now both LimeSpice and Scott are busy with studying and thus I am waiting for them to return to continue the design part. Implementing the 3 classes has taken us around 3 - 4 weeks which means you can expect the update to be finished quickly when they return.
I won't do nothing until then though, I will continue working on other features. For example there is a lot of code to clean up and optimize/move between the core, database and mysticrunes plugin to allow a more adaptable system for future servers and game modes. Furthermore I will also add new features to the game. Mostly small ones such as settings etc. I finished adding a particle quality setting that will allow players to choose a setting based on their connection speed and pc just now. Lowest setting will show only very close particles and ultra setting will basicly show all ones all over the map. I also fixed a few bugs on our list and will continue working on them too. Bigger features I will maybe start working on are item randomization (vote here: https://mysticrunes.net/forum/index.php?topic=334.0), pets, Guild Castles/Regions and/or some kind of arena pvp and pve (wave) system. I probably forgot many features but who cares. We'll see what the future will bring.

I hope this gave you a small insight into the current development and hopefully we will be able to finish the skill system very soon. The forest is also making great progress and will probably be released along with the skill system featureu level 40 - 60. Silversience is also very busy with studying though.



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As passed 6 weeks after the post, they finally return or they are still busy on studies?
Why are you seeing this? The post/reply is up!


They have returned and the design part is done. Only parts of the implementation and balancing are left now.