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[Patch Notes] Update

Started by Jalau, January 29, 2017, 02:26:17 pm

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Update Backend Recode - Patch Notes


- Kick when standing on lily pads
- Lifesteal revive bug
- Always showing online at character information
- Fixed particle cosmetics permanently disabled after Blood Lust
- Wrong receiver of mob kill message
- Double attribute on enchant scroll
- Shield dupe while identifying
- Bank negative transaction possible
- Skin layers not working properly
- Fixed various mob sounds
- Fixed off hand weapon charging faster than main hand
- Getting creative on the main map
- Leaving the spawn room using ender pearls
- Duplicating attributes to another character
- Being able to hold on to a tutorial t2 item

- Huge backend recode
- Click delay for guis
- Auction expiring after 3 weeks
- Backend implementation for new resistance attributes and passive mobs
- Command cooldown
- In game rank to forum rank connection
- Unidentified items for t2+
- Added message to voting likes explaing that you need to type your mc name not character name
- Added a temporary fix for the bugged currently playing list on the website after a server crash
- Different colors for booster potions
- Discord auto message

- No click delay for the mining gui
- No command cooldown for mods or higher