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Moving to a new server

Offical MysticRunes Test Server

Started by Jalau, June 23, 2017, 04:34:10 pm

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Dear MysticRunes Community,
we are very pleased to announce that the skill system has been making great progress and is now ready for testing. For that purpose and for further update testing we are very happy to open up our offical MysticRunes test server.
The test server will be a place for the community to test new features and to allow the MysticRunes staff team to fix bugs and balance stuff properly.
After a long discussion we came to the conclusion that we will only open the test server to VIP and higher rank users.
Why is that? Well, firstly we want to have a small amount of people testing stuff to have a better overview and to pin point bugs and balancing issues more quickly. Secondly we think that this is one of the only small features we are allowed to give to VIP users and we think that it is a fair feature for the supporters of MysticRunes. Thirdly we don't want everyone to see all the new stuff before its official release.
The server will feature 10x EXP and it will offer a fresh start and might wipe at any time. Thus this is not a replacement for the normal MysticRunes gameplay and just a server for the community to test out new stuff. In the future other updates will also be pushed to the test server before releasing it on the public server. For example the level 40 - 60 region update will be tested on this test server before publishing it.

The IP: play.mysticrunes.net:23222 (1.12 only for now)

Please report all bugs on the forum or send a private discord message to one of the team members.

Your MysticRunes Team


As passed like 1 month since that post, now when will be finally released?
Why are you seeing this? The post/reply is up!


Quote from: Daridon on July 22, 2017, 12:48:09 am
As passed like 1 month since that post, now when will be finally released?

I can't tell yet but hopefully very soon.