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[Quest Writer] CmdrGod

Started by CmdrGod, December 27, 2016, 06:35:49 PM

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IGN: CmdrGod

Do you have TS3/Skype/a working mic?

Why do you want to join us? We want to know why you are choosing us over other options. At least 3 sentences.

My first impression of this server was strong, many of its small details, universe and rather strong beginning tutorial section, it felt reminiscent of some dated RPGs, and the familiar gameplay mechanics immediately pulled me in for being a server with a high potential for success. It didn't ever come across to me that it was an Alpha in all honesty. With such solid gameplay and builds (especially). Due to this, I have a fiery determination to become a quest writer, to contribute to a promising server in the works.

Experience. Give us an idea of your previous experience. At least 3 sentences.
I have done GM work at a server called Zentrela, and I was a beta tester and a GM (What you guys call quest writers I suppose), and I helped create quests and NPCs for this world. I eventually left due to the owner calling off the GM team due to the fact that the owner wanted to create his own. I can show you a quest I did work on a while back that I never released to the public until now, re-edited it to fit this universe.

Also as a side note, I have purchased Fallout 4, Skyrim, studied the lore of both extensively, and (unfortunately) made fan fiction of my own, dictating different scenarios and the changes that would have been made should any of the in game factions be altered in any way. I have played a wide variety of MMORPGs in Minecraft and have been always aware of the potential for MMORPGs becoming successful in a free build game. This is great opportunity for me to develop as a writer and as a way to build experience.

Proof of work:

Quest Name: Father's Wish
Quest NPC: Baratac
Location: Somewhere deep in the forests

Baratac: An adventurer? In these lands?
Baratac: Perhaps not all my hopes and dreams are lost to time.
Baratac: Hopes and dreams are as fragile as flowers, powerful winds can strike them down.
Baratac: But are you the person that will save it? Truth be told... certainty tells me to doubt
Baratac: Should I... give this task...

Objective Updated: Talk to Baratac again

Baratac: Persistence is a virtue, and a curse... perhaps you will understand.
Baratac: Lie North, be my father's tomb. Run over by the undead and Mavius, the undead knight.
Baratac: Bring a Peaceflower before hand. Let it keep my father safe, and lay it on his grave.

(Heading up north, there is a tomb, leading down into it will allow you to explore the depths and the tunnels that lurks within. The father is not the only one who was buried there.

Objective Updated: Slay the Undead Knight Mavius

Undead Knight Mavius
HP: 10,000
ATK: 50-54
Speed: 1
Special ATK:
Minion call - Dialogue: Perish invader! Kalamav my soldiers!
Critical attack - Dialogue: Death to the invader!

Mavius: Raghh... you slay me for what invader? Riches? I have no need of them.
Mavius: Baratac? My son?
Mavius: So he knew...
Mavius: Take my riches... take it to him...
Mavius: I hope I can rest forever more...
Mavius: Ah...

Objective Updated: Drop the Peaceflower onto Mavius' tomb

Mavius: To rest I go... To sleep I must... To love I await.
Mavius: I thank you... kind soul...

Objective Updated: Head into the treasury and retrieve the treasures laid within

(3 inventory slots will be required, the riches include a locket, a bank note, and a clock.)

Objective Updated: Return to Baratac

Treasury Guardian: Defiler! You do not leave here alive with the treasure of the dead!

Objective Updated: Defeat the Treasury Guardian

Treasury Guardian: Stealing the treasures of the dead...
Treasury Guardian: How pitiful you resort to such atrocities.

Objective Updated: Return to Baratac

Baratac: Does my father lay asleep?
Baratac: So my father did awake... I feared so.
Baratac: I am old, young adventurer. I have no need for the treasures my father requested me to have.
Baratac: I will take the clock and the locket however, these were his prized possessions.
Baratac: Take the bank note, it carries the wealth of my family.
Baratac: I am the last man in my family, and I would see to it that the good doer...
Baratac: Be the one who carries this fortune further.
Baratac: Fare thee well, adventurer, much further is your journey.

Timezone: HKT

When are you online the most: Holidays, Weekends, and sometimes weekdays if I'm not doing anything.

How many hours a week will you be able to work with/for us?
During the holidays, 6 hours, during the weekdays, 3 hours, Weekends, 5 hours.

Do you agree that anything you build/create/code for our server belongs to our server alone, and that by giving it to us you are giving its ownership to us?
I agree in the way that any quest or product I make will be in your ownership once I create it for the server.

Anything else you want to add?
This server, really, really surprised me. I've never seen such a level of competence in gameplay and a kind community that is willing to help each other when others are in need. There are a few thorns  indeed, but they seem to be not as severe as many normal servers usually have. Playing this until level 22, and noticing how kind this community truly is, I really do hope that I can be of assistance.