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Moving to a new server

[Patch Notes] Update

Started by Jalau, December 24, 2016, 08:56:25 pm

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Update Christmas Update - Patch Notes


- Ability to block with shield while in main hand as non paladin class
- Paladins now can properly equip a shield into their main hand
- /character etc. being usable in the tutorial
- Missing crystal and case hardened shields
- Quest error when failing a quest
- Rare error when triggering luck room teleport
- EXP hologram not showing above the right target
- Character deletion error

- Christmas Event
- Server now runs on 1.11
- Cosmetic crates at the fortune wheel
- Christmas cosmetics
- More character information on hover of character name in chat
- Block/ignore characters
- Notify sound if you are mentioned in the chat

- Cosmetic rare or higher loot is now announced in chat
- New design for the guild upgrade gui
- New social menu in the game menu
- Fewer rooms in the infernal horror dungeon
- Rewrote banking backend system


PS: I know it is a bit late but we were busy fixing bugs ;)