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[Pmod] Parkoursumisu

Started by Haku, December 19, 2016, 01:04:11 AM

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IGN: Parkoursumisu

Do you have TS3/Skype/a working mic?


Why do you want to join us? We want to know why you are choosing us over other options. At least 3 sentences.

I love this server, I wish to help it in anyway I can.
I see many questions being being ignored or unanswered by staff.
I answer every question I know the answer to and or try my best to aid however I can, But it would help if people knew to come to me and know that there would be another person always there to help.
I see that there are large gaps of time where no staff are online throughout the day and know that I would be able to help fix that.
This is by far the best server I have every played in my life, it has the greatest potential I have ever seen and I want to aid in it becoming the best however I

Experience. Give us an idea of your previous experience. At least 3 sentences.

I have been staff on so many servers I cannot name them all.
I have held various staff ranks on over 40 different servers, varying from helper to co-owner and everything in-between.
I have been staff on Herocraft, DragonHeart, Remnant heroes and many more that I cannot remember the names to.

Previous work:(Builder) Planet Minecraft projects, youtube videos which can be tracked back to you (proven they are your builds), or pictures where you can prove they are your builds. (Coder) Any coding work where you can prove that it is yours. (Anything other) Any previous work created by you. The rule the more the better always applies.

I don't have anything like this.



When are you online the most:

From about 10:00 - 23:00

How many hours a week will you be able to work with/for us?

65-91 hours a week, Based upon my work schedule.

Do you agree that anything you build/create/code for our server belongs to our server alone, and that by giving it to us you are giving its ownership to us?


Anything else you want to add?

My primary language is English, and speak and write at an advanced level.
There is nothing outside of your self to enable you to get better, stronger, richer, faster or smarter.

Everything is within.
Everything exists.
Seek nothing outside yourself.


I will talk about your application in the next team meeting.

Thank you for applying.