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[Patch Notes] The Easter Update

Started by Jabberdrake, April 15, 2017, 07:55:38 PM

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UPDATE The Easter Update


-Added "Easter Egg Hunt" event:

(For 2-3 days, the "Easter Egg Hunt" event will be active, which means that, in this time period, eggs (model is egg-like heads) will spawn across the map. If you break them, you can earn Stardust (8ish~12ish), gear (Epic, Level 15; 30 and 45), easter cookies (Restores 10 Hunger) and easter tokens (used to buy cosmetics and boosters in the Easter Shop).

-Added the "Easter Shop" merchant:

(Located near the Imperia merchant, the "Easter Shop" NPC will trade you various cosmetics for a certain number of Easter Tokens, gained from opening eggs, which are found in the wilderness.)

-Added "Alchemist!V1.5" items:

(Accidentally, the names for all alchemist-used reagents were changed to their unreleased variants. This means that, from this day forth, all reagents gathered in the wilderness (alchemist-used only) have the "Alchemist!V2" names and are, therefore, unstackable with the old "Alchemist!V1" items, however, the old items can still be used to brew potions.)

-Removed "Upgrade!V2":

(Now, when upgrading equipment beyond [+4], the upgraded weapon cannot be downgraded or destroyed.)

Final Notes

-The current alchemist-used reagent names are, for the vast majority, permanent, however, some might change and, in future updates, item lore may be added.
-In spite of the reagent name change, the potion nomenclature did not change and nor did the reagent requirements.
-Potion names, much like reagent names, may be changed in the future.
-As mentioned in the changelog, the easter update will only last two to three days, as it is a seasonal update/event.

That should be all (tell me if I missed anything).
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