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Forging Skill Leveling?

Started by Sobio, December 02, 2016, 03:27:54 AM

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How do you level up the Item Improvement? I've upgraded 2 bows so far and still have 0xp in that area?


You need to start with a lvl 1 item. You can only upgrade equipment up to the lvl of your improvement skill ;)


He says his skill is lv10 and the items he is upgrading is lowering than that.
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We'll the exp needs to show in the middle paper where the required items are listed. He can also try to activate exp in chat in the game menu visual settings to be notified about exp changes if he is not sure whether he received exp.

Please report back to us after that. Sometimes you receive exp and it isn't added. But it should still show up however visually.