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Sands Of Time (New Area!)

Started by F9000, November 07, 2016, 02:20:10 pm

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So, for the past 18 hours I've been doing quite a bit of thinking. I've been building something for Lucy and silver, and its been quite lonely, so I decided I'll take a short break and throw these ideas into a forum post that probably wont go anywhere.

What I have been thinking about, is a new desert themed area. This area could be another 1-40 level area, as in just another place to do quests and grind, or it could be a completely new place. This area would contain a smaller city, an oasis, a desert temple, a trade caravan, an archeological dig site, and a larger temple (Remember this, ill get back to it).

The city could have quests related to finding treasure. Like the Linen Backpack quest in the first area of the map, it could have a quest that sends you all around the desert and then rewards you with a good amount of money. There could also be smaller quests, such as bringing something to imperia or ascot, or vice versa. Or maybe even collecting something (I will also revisit this)

The Oasis can be a nice refuge from the hot sands of the desert, a place where players can find safety and maybe trade in their extra armor for some scraps.

The Desert temple could have mummy or zombie enemies, perhaps the mummy could even be a boss that drops paper (As far as I know, Bloody bill is the easiest source of paper and he's only level 10) There could also be one good chest in here, with a higher chance of more dust or a good scroll.

The trade caravan, could be either multiple wagons or a singular one, out on a desert road. Why aren't they moving? why aren't they in the city yet? Well, they broke their wheel and you need to go and get another one as a quest. Actually, they're kind of thirsty too. Might want to grab them some water as well. (Quests Quests!)

The Dig site could just be for looks, or maybe it could even be the opening to the temple area. (Dig site, they dig you know. maybe they uncovered the door or something) It could even just be a place where a player can grab cut down some cobwebs for string, or grab a new crafting material.

The larger temple, is the main attraction to this region. I've been building a giant hourglass inside of a temple (I'll post a picture if this gets some feedback) and that's what's given me the idea. Whether my temple gets used, or the mysticrunes build team makes one of their own, it will be an amazing place. The main enemy here will be the GrandMaster of Time, a new boss who has cast some pretty cool spells using sand or time. His Henchmen? Time Wizards! (Or something. honesty couldn't think of a cool name for them)

I hinted at a "New Collectible" or "Crafting Material".

1) Cactus Fruit.
       Mine cactus. Get Fruit. Make this fruit special though, it gives you slight health regen maybe? or a speed bonus? You can add in a slight chance to make you dizzy to balance it out, or even, you get dizzy and then regenerate.

2) Map Pieces
      Mine a "Map" block (the ones used in the Backpack quest. its a "head" technically I think) and get a special piece of paper. Starts off at "1/15" and everytime you collect one, you can add it together (2/15, then 3/15, and so on) and at 15/15 you can use it to open a special chest in the Hourglass temple, rewarding you with something good. Making the respawn time on these 15 minutes or so could help reduce farming and make it more of a rarity.

That's all I can think of writing write now. If you took the time to read this, please leave a comment with some feedback.


You have my vote 10/10

I would prefer another 1 to 40 area since the map is quite small right now..
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I like the idea however I would prefer if we first got areas all the way up to 100 before considering new areas for the lower levels. But I believe this is something that could be considered after we are done with content for all levels.:)


I agree with BetaZeta. We already have some parts of a desert so this might be a future region to play at. Maybe level 60 - 80. Currently we want to finish the forest first (40 - 60) and after this we'll see what the next region will look like. So stay tuned for that.

PS: The spider cave was just recently finished and we are back on working on the rest of the forest now.


First of all its nice that you already started to build something. You seems to be very motivated :)
You already thought about much background informations for your building, i like that even if i join the previous mentioned critics concerning the level range.
Cant wait for the final result :)


Honestly the way the map is setup is almost too confusing and chaotic, don't clump areas from a level range from x to x. Make specific level areas. Because as it is now I am  running up and down hills and over mountains and run into something I shouldn't be...too confusing.....

That brings up another thing...make some flat areas.....please....not all forests are hilly and mountainous....


I honestly think its intent was not to confuse players, but to coil up exploration in the player to find new mobs in different regions. It would be awfully boring consecutive level mobs were to be lined up in the map; its simplicity would not only drown our entertainment, but it will not ignite our curiosity for exploration. However, I do also agree the map does lack directions, and certain things aren't explained in deep.
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Sorry I am coming from playing 17+ years of MMO's and I'm more experienced with "constructed levels". Exploration is fine but at least you will know you are exploring in an area you know you should be running around in and then you aim for the next level tier and can't wait to see what's waiting for you.


You cannot build a map linear if you want it to be as ours. So I am sorry but we cannot change that.