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Halloween event has now ended

Started by BetaZeta, November 06, 2016, 09:36:27 PM

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The Halloween event of 2016, Visitors From The Shadows has now ended. I have received a letter from the King which he wishes me to pass onto you, the adventurers of Aurya.

"A week ago, I received a message about the appearance of 3 mysterious presences within our land. The Old Ruins, the Hermit and the grand Shunan Senlin had some unexpected visitors who turned out not to be very friendly. They terrorized the people of Aurya and brought chaos to the population. However, thank you to our brave adventurers, within 7 days we were able to overcome these enemies and I have confirmed that they have now left our land. We, the royal family cannot thank enough for your service, and I hope we can rely on you to protect our land in the future.

- With all respect, your King"

We hope all of our players had fun with this event, and I hope you were able to pick up some new, helpful equipment as well as a good taste of the new cosmetic system. As this was our first seasonal event, we would like to receive some feedback from you, players of MysticRunes. We want to hear your opinions on this event and how you think we could improve on future events. We want to bring the best content we can, and your feedback is very important.

You can fill the form here:

Thank you to everyone who takes their time to fill the form. See you in the world of Aurya!


Bumping, got some awesome feedback and we will definitely consider the suggestions and most of are already planned to be added. But we are still open for more!