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News & Information / Re: Official Discord Server
Last post by Jalau - March 12, 2021, 06:36:54 pm
Quote from: DAEMON on March 01, 2021, 08:41:41 pmI can't join the discord server
 It says I am unable to accept :(

Updated the link
Application / Re: [German][Builder] IRTDome
Last post by Jalau - March 12, 2021, 10:11:08 am

sorry für die verspätete Antwort. Das ist irgendwie untergegangen. Wenn du noch Interesse hast, füge mich doch gerne einfach mal auf Discord hinzu:@Jalau#5981

Dort können wir über die weiteren Schritte sprechen.

Viele Grüße,
News & Information / Re: Official Discord Server
Last post by DAEMON - March 01, 2021, 08:41:41 pm
I can't join the discord server
 It says I am unable to accept :(
Application / [German][Builder] IRTDome
Last post by IRTDome - February 23, 2021, 03:32:27 pm
Guten Tag,
mein Name lautet Dominique Egger bin Männlich im 22 Lebensjahr und möchte mich hiermit als "builder" auf diesen Server bewerben. Ich bin im Besitz eines funktionierenden Mikros und bin über "Ts" sowie "Discord" erreichbar.
Als jemand der Minecraft nur im Kreativ Modus anfassen kann war ich immer fasziniert über das erbauen von detailreichen Welten und diese mit "rpg" Mechaniken zu verbinden fasziniert mich sehr. Den server habe ich durch Critdmg kennengelernt und war über die bereits kreierte fantasy Welt begeistert. Ich habe Sowohl als builder als auch als team-Mitglied Erfahrung. Im folgenden link findet man ein paar nachweise: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/irt/

Ontime: 1800-2200
Einstimmung zur Übergabe über Bauwerke auf dem Server "MysticRunes": ja

Ich freue mich auf eine baldige Rückmeldung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Dominique Egger
Unban Appeals / Re: Plz Unban me
Last post by itsDonutTV - February 12, 2021, 09:55:38 pm
Title:itsDonutTV Unban Appeal

Time / Date:12.02 (today)
Description:My friend has my account data and has hacked the server not me
It was my account, but that never happens again because I changed my password
Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] "Rebalancing the...
Last post by mathweev - October 10, 2020, 01:29:28 pm
Update "Rebalancing the scales" - Patch Notes
10/10 - 2020

Major Updates:
- T1 smithing major overhaul.
- T1 item improvement overhaul. You now need various resources throughout T1 for item improvement. Being friends with a smith is never a bad call!
- T1 Mob variety. It is commendable to explore and 'taste' their weaponry on your own skin.
- New T1 content: Mobs and Minibosses.
- T1 Dungeon increased level range and difficulty.
- Added cooldowns and cast time effects for most mobskills. Still, be wary in the wilds...
- Added new/changed skills to most bosses. Try not to die <3
- New T3 content: A new boss for lower T3 and more rare loot for levels 40-50.

General Changes:
- Iron Skinned Boar (lv16) set from "Friendly" to "Neutral".
- Sylvan Critter (lv47) set from "Friendly" to "Neutral".
- Random T1 chests now have additional/changed loot.
- Material drops from T1 mobs adjusted to fit new improvement requirements.
- Lowered Kraark's (lv57) damage by 50%.
- The Catacombs dungeon has new/changed chest sets for both boss loot as well as general chests for all difficulties.
- The Catacombs are now accessible until level 25 instead of level 20.
- Infernal Horror is now accessible until level 45 instead of level 40.
- Fixed Undead_Recruit (lv9) drop rates and loot drops.
- Added to / changed most drop tables for T1 mobs.
- Adjusted exp values of late T3 mobs.
- Haven of Retribution and Consecrated Soil now affect crystal bosses.
- Prism skills are no longer capable of double-stacking on the same player.
- Holding materials or quest items needed to progress a quest in your left hand no longer bugs the quest objective in question.
- Memberslots for guilds has been increased with a focus on the amount of players in a low level guild.
- Daily exp limit for guilds increased significantly. This should allow for a 'catchup' effect.
- Quest Tracker (Currently only works on a few select quests. Will be updated over time).
- Combat tutorial and Skill tutorial added at imperia gates.
- Added warning to the improvement smith if the current item input won't provide any exp to the player (for smiths).
- Left-clicking with an empty skillslot in hand will now prompt a message to open skilltree. Right-clicking with an empty skillslot in hand will now open the skilltree.
- New food 'Honey' added to T3 bees.

Profession changes:
- Alchemist: Identifiers of level 1-5 can now identify all items at level 1-5.
- Smiths with improvement level 1-5 now earn experience from upgrading all items at level 1-5.
- Improvement requirements for most T1 items have been changed/adjusted to make for smoother levelling.
- Increased rate of Malachite appearing in malachite ores.
- Increased rate of Wooden branches appearing from oak leaves.
- New potion type: 'potion of regeneration' added.
- Double-sized harvestable plants no longer cause any visual bugging.
- Ore particles are now changed depending on whether the player has the mining profession or not.

Terrain Changes:
- Added a few Valdrimium Ore's to Shunan Senlin
- Added Depot Master, Marketcrier, Merchant, Ore Merchant, Rune Merchant, Food Merchant and Traveller to the town of Novrovic
- Added more cobalt ores around the grove.
- New pathway leading from the pirate cove to the Ruins of Camalan safezone.
- Added a new wilderness safezone. Can you find it?
- New 'teasers' for future map expansions added around the map. Please try not to spoil them too much for yourself :)

Skill changes and balancing:
- Cold Wrath reduced frostbite duration from 8 seconds to 4 seconds at lv1 and 7 seconds at lv4.

- Divine Hammer 'offering' duration damage increased by 1 second.
- Hammer of Judgement damage buffed by ~10%.
- Haven of Retribution damage buffed by ~40-55%. Increased frequency of damage ticks at lv4.
- Haven of Rejuvenation healing nerfed by ~30%. Healing frequency increased by .5 seconds per tick.
- Prism of Vitae healing per tick reduced by ~90%. Duration increased from 8 seconds to 40 seconds at max rank. - - Healing frequency increased by .5 seconds per tick at max rank.
- Empyreal Judgement damage buffed by ~60%.
- Blinding Blast damage buffed by ~70%. Increased stun duration by 1s at lv4.
- Light Vortex damage buffed by ~20%.

- Decisive Strike lv5 damage buffed by 10%.
- Paralyzing Smash lv5 damage buffed by 10%.
- Piercing Strike lv5 damage buffed by 5%.
- Shield Seism lv5 damage buffed by 5%.
- Blinding Calamity lv5 damage buffed by 5%. Made the AoE of the skill much smaller.
- Petrifying Seism lv5 damage buffed by 5%.
- Rapid strike angle of impact reduced by 10 degrees.
- Consecrated Soil damage buffed by ~40-55%.
- Judgemental Hammer damage buffed by ~40%.
- Evasive strike damage buffed by ~15%. range leaping increased by 1 block for lv4.
- Heaven's Fury Damage buffed by ~15%.

- Swipes reduced the number of attacks by 1. Nerfed damage by 5%.
- Gaping wound damage nerfed by 33%, chance of bleeding decreased by 10%.
- Axe Throw ranged nerfed by 20%. Increased bleeding chance by 10% and damage by 80% at lv5.
- Reduced Inner Beast damage increase percentage, increased number of stacks available by 5 for a total of 10 stacks with a 45% damage increase at lv4.
- Ground Pound radius decreased by 1 block. Max stun duration reduced by .5 seconds.

- Light Footed speed buff increased to 45% at level IV.
- Charged Shot damage buffed by 25%. Decreased charge time by .5 seconds at lv4.
- Daze Shot stun duration increased by .5 seconds at max rank.
- Homing arrow damage buffed by ~20%.
- Explosive trap damage buffed by ~20%.
- Bear trap damage buffed by ~20%.
- Freezing trap damage buffed by ~10%.
- Arrow Rain number of arrows reduced by 5.
- Multishot passive number of arrows reduced from 2/4/6/8 to 2/3/4/5.

- Increased cooldown on Blink and Soul Swap significantly.
- Increased range on Dagger Strike.
- Increased base cooldown on Stealth by 4 seconds.
- Increased magical damage on Dragon Rise by 25%.
- Cluster Bomb damage buffed by ~10%.
- Shadow Attack lv4 damage buffed by ~5%.
- Wide slashes cooldown increased by 1 second.

T1 specific equipment changes:
- Balau Weaponry (lv4) from uncommon to common.
- Enchanted Wooden weaponry (Lv6) from common to uncommon.
- Jagged Balau Weaponry (lv9) from uncommon to rare.
- Charmed Wooden weaponry (lv11) from common to uncommon.
- Reinforced Sticky weaponry and armor set (lv13) from common to uncommon.
- Skullkeeper Equipment (lv14) from uncommon to rare.
- Smithing weapons (lv16) from common to uncommon.
- Infected Weaponry (lv17) from common to uncommon.
- Thorny Orc Weaponry (lv19) from common to uncommon.
- Removed manasteal from Manatic Bronze armourset (lv18 rare).
- Added Balau (lv4, common), Reinforced Balau (lv6, uncommon) and Jagged Balau (lv9, rare) shields to Catacombs easy.
- Added Sticky (lv11, common), Reinforced Sticky (lv13, uncommon) and Protective (lv15, rare) shields to Catacombs normal.
- New craftable weapons (Arcane Weaponry, lv18, rare).
- New 'Elemental' armor set (lv10, uncommon).
- New 'Sticky' armor set (lv11, common).
- New 'Orcish' armor set (lv19, uncommon).

T2 specific equipment changes:
- Miner's Dense Stone Weaponry (lv23) from common to uncommon. Added armor attribute to this weapon set.
- Reinforced Metallic Weaponry (lv24) from uncommon to rare
- Hardened Darkstone Weaponry (lv26) from common to rare
- Jagged Ghastly Stone Weaponry (lv29) from common to uncommon.
- Perfected Metallic Weaponry (lv28) from lv28 to lv30 and rare to epic
- Gloomy Stone Weaponry (lv32) from common to rare
- Metallic Cobalt Plated Armory (lv34) from uncommon to rare
- Metallic Olemptum (lv38) from common to uncommon.
- Infernal Chainmail armor (lv23) from common to uncommon
- Infernal Sticky armory (lv24) changed from lv24 to lv22.
- Spectral Chainmail armor (lv29) from common to uncommon.
- Bloody Ghoul Armor (lv31) from common to uncommon.

T3 specific equipment changes:
- Buffed Living crest Armor. Gave it different Stats for each Class
- Buffed Grovekeeper Sword
- Nerfed Grovekeeper Dagger and Bow
- Changed Improvement Materials needed for Fire-Tipped Ironwood and Deep-rooted Ironwood from Steel ingots to Iron ingots
- Decreased the amount needed for Upgrading some Items.
- Steam Powered Olemptum/Overclocked Olemptum Upgrade Material changed from Volken Brass Ingots to Silver Ingots also decreased amount needed
- Fixed Craftable Weapons in T3 Weapon forging not having Gemslots
- Buffed Shattercrest Bracelet
- Added Grove Nexus Weapon- and Armor Set (lv46, rare)
- Added Toxiphobic Ironwood Weaponry (Rare Lv48)
- Added Poison-Scaled Ironwood Armory (Rare Lv48)
- Changed Upgrade Materials needed for Shattercrest (Rare Lv59)
- Changed Level requirement for craftables; Sentient and Sylvan ironwood Weaponry.
General Game Discussion / Hello again!
Last post by Effnine - July 28, 2020, 12:04:11 am
Hi mysticrunes!
I used to play on this server under the names Froghead13 and Effnine/F9000, a few years ago. i just came back into minecraft with a new account, and holy crap have things changed! anyway, im glad to be back. i missed you guys!
Application / Re: [Content Developer] - Tala...
Last post by Jalau - June 30, 2020, 05:11:11 pm
Thank you very much for applying. You are in!
Just add or and message me on discord and we'll deal with everything :)
Application / Re: [Content Developer] - Tala...
Last post by mathweev - June 28, 2020, 02:10:07 pm
About time you did this. Though I am a little worried at that title. Is that infatuation or just sheer love? O.o

In any case, as you have already helped out on several accounts, and in general always offer up some great ideas to improve the server, I would be happy to see you on the team. It's a resounding yes from me :)
Application / [Content Developer] - Talantha...
Last post by oNightSiX - June 28, 2020, 02:00:44 pm
IGN: oNightSiX

Do you have TS3/Skype/a working mic?
I do have TS3 and Discord, and also a Working Mic.

Why do you want to join us? We want to know why you are choosing us over other options. At least 3 sentences.
I'm personally interested in Minecraft MMO like bringing my Idea's and working on new Stuff like Mobs and Items
i like to experiment around and getting other People's opinion about my Ideas.
Also I'm fascinated by everything you can do around Minecraft for Example giving Mobs different Skills, Custom AI's, and even Skills since there are a lot of Possibilitys to do with some Mobs For Example preventing endermans Teleport, Customizing a Slimes Size or even Using different Abilitys the make things even more Exciting.

Experience. Give us an idea of your previous experience. At least 3 sentences.
I don't have a lot of experience when it comes to Content Developing, but i used to work with Notepad++ on Several Plugins before like MythicMobs and the Crackshot Plugin.
MythicMobs allowed me to explore a few more Possibilitys around minecraft mobs.
For example letting a mob use the "mount" ability on @trigger. so Who ever attacked the mob got it on his Head.

Previous work:(Builder) Planet Minecraft projects, youtube videos which can be tracked back to you (proven they are your builds), or pictures where you can prove they are your builds. (Coder) Any coding work where you can prove that it is yours. (Anything other) Any previous work created by you. The rule the more the better always applies.
I haven't done any Previous work at Servers or with Server-Teams but as i Mentioned in the Question before i was Working with Several Plugins i did that on a Private Server just for fun and experimenting around

Timezone: GMT+2

When are you online the most: 11am to atleast 8pm. Sometimes Longer or Shorter Depending on if i have anything to do at the Days but Im usually on for atleast 3 hours each day

How many hours a week will you be able to work with/for us?
I will be able to work together with you atleast 20 Hours a week. Actually Mostly during my Online Time

Do you agree that anything you build/create/code for our server belongs to our server alone, and that by giving it to us you are giving its ownership to us?
Yes i agree with that. I want to Support the Server so you can do what you want with whatever i created

Anything else you want to add?
As i mentioned in my Online Time i will be able to work for several Hours each day, the thing is that I am not working at the Moment. So i have some more Time for Playing.
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