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Welcome back everyone!

We are back with our monthly update on new features and updates. This time we got quite a few exciting things to show you! This month we will focus on the development and content side of things only, since we want to finish a few building projects first before revealing them to you.


We have put a heavy focus on professions for this month and have a few exciting new things to show.

The smith blueprints are now grouped inside the gui so there aren't too many of one item listed.

Every profession is now accessible by one character at once. Furthermore we are adding more professions, for example fishing and a beastiary. There is even more to come so stay tuned!

Fishing will allow you to chill out and gather some goods while doing so. You will be able to find basic materials, new materials and if you are really lucky even some rare equipment that will need to be repaired though. Fishing spots will vary in level and restrict you to be the same or a higher level in the fishing profession.

The beastiary is a bit of a different one. It will not have a level itself but instead every mob you kill will grant you more info about that specific mob. At the max level you will be able to not only see the health, experience, location but also the loot and an approximate chance for all dropped items of that mob.

Furthermore we hope to show you an upgrading system for the profession next month that we are currently still developing. Most likely similar to guild upgrades it will allow you to spend points on gaining bonuses for your professions.

Items looted and dropped now show the character they are "owned" by while they are still limited in pickup.

Since a few things are still up for change we will not show you everything yet. This will likely change next month.
We hope you enjoyed this months development log and we hope you are all going to be around again next month for our monthly iteration.

See you in another month!

Your MysticRunes Team
Welcome back everyone!

Sadly almost 3 months have passed since the last development log, but I promise you that we have been up to a lot! Yet again it is time to show you some teasers of stuff that is about to come to MysticRunes, so stay tuned!


We have almost finished the taiga region and might be even increasing its size further so we can put more awesome stuff there for you to explore!

A crew of scientists set sails and arrived at an mysterious coast line. The region is yet to be explored and holds many suprises, creatures and areas to explore.

And last but least, a completely new civilization has been discovered by a fellow explorer. Can you guess where they are located?


For gameplay we have quite a few new additions and improvements to show.

- All profession backpacks can hold all profession items
- On pickup, items are now directly added to your profession backpack if they are a profession item

Priest has received a big buff and now can do a couple of things, including ranged attack on right-click while still being able to heal with right-click while sneaking.

A new destiny and other MMORPG inspired fancy loot animation has been added.

Items dropped on death are now displayed in chat and also what items and the chances have been altered.

Miner and possibly general profession/special locations have received floating tags. Note this is a work in progress so you are welcome to leave feedback on this idea.

You also probably have seen new models on our discord being teased so I will point you there if you want to see more of those for now.

To end this months sneak peak development log I am leaving you with this snippet, that will play a huge role in the upcoming new quest system and general gameplay. Exploration will not only yield beautiful and detailed places but also rewards that are totally worth it!

There are even more things we could show but we will show them in next log.
We hope you enjoyed this months development log and I hope you are all going to be around again next month for our monthly iteration.

See you in another month!

Your MysticRunes Team
Hello everyone!

A month has passed and I am happy to welcome you back to another iteration of our monthly development log.
This time we have some more exciting builds and regions to show and also a few new mechanics are being tested and balanced.

Let's dive straight into...


The taiga region has made great progress and offers a lovely stroll for every wanderer coming across it.

Sadly the citizens of the yet unnammed village have been surprised by a catastrophic event. A meteor has struck one of the citizens's houses and now meteor pieces are scattered all over the place.
However for a experienced collector this might yield the opportunity to gather some very valuable materials.

While the citizens were dealing with the meteor crash archeologists have made a huge discovery. A remainder of an ancient creature has been dug out and a site to conduct studies has been established around it.
The species still has to be identified, but maybe you can be of help.

Also a new royalty has arrived in Aurya and had themselves build a great castle as their residency. You will get to meet them sooner or later. You should probably play nice unless you want to be at war.

Pioneers have set sail and went on a journey to the unknown waters of the great ocean. When they found land they discovered a new, yet unknown region.


We have further worked on more class "redesigns" to make the combat more interesting. In the following you will see how Assassin and Hunter are currently being tested:



Additionally now that a month has passed more awesome wepaons have been crafted by the smiths of Aurya:

Of course there are even more things that we have been working on but we will not spoil them yet. You will get to see more in the next month(s).
We hope you enjoyed this months development log and I hope you are all going to be around again next month for our next iteration.

See you in another month!

Your MysticRunes Team
News & Information / Development Log & News [Feb. 22]
February 15, 2022, 09:26:08 AM
Hello everyone!
After a long time of a lack of updates we are finally back to present to you the current state of the server.
We have exciting news and many things to show. Even though we aren't ready to release a new update yet we are thrilled to give you an indepth look behind the scenes.
From now on we are going to post these updates on a monthly basis to keep our playerbase up-to-date on the current projects.
It has been a long grind but we are finally ready to migrate to 1.18 fully and thus make use of the new blocks. Of course older versions will still be supported.

Let's get started with....


We are currently working on bringing new regions to you. Therefor we are proud to present the current state of the taiga region. Entering it from the forest you come across a village and its friendly residents.

Another huge region we are working on....
The desert region, home to wild animals, dangerous hostile creatures but also a city that will allow you to rest and recover from your trip.

Not only are we building new regions, we are also updating old ones. We can proudly present you the rework of Imperia, that CriticalDamage01 has been working on alongside the busy citizens of Imperia.

Tying into into a complete overhaul of the quests and quests system we are extending current areas to add formidable interactive quest areas.
For example the sewerage of Imperia has finally been cleaned up and a new mysterious area was discovered.

Additionally to changes in Imperia the pirates at the coast line of Imperia have been busy expanding their cave:

We noticed that the new 1.18 support allowed fascinating new plants to grow underwater:

Next let's look into content/gameplay:

We have reworked how the bank works and added multiple pages + the ability to rename the pages to your liking. This allows for much more and cheaper storage that was much needed.

We are currently also reworking the combat system making sure the new combat is more dynamic and faster.
We are mostly playing around with the class specific weapon abilities whilst also looking at the current state of mobs, their skills and general damage/hp balance.
We want mobs to be more unique in their behaviour and specific skill set whilst making sure casual players become more than capable of keeping up with their enemies.

Apart from gameplay improvement the smiths of Aurya came together to craft new, more advanced combat weapons. Here are a few brief examples of what they came up with:

We have a lot more things that we are currently working on and that we are excited to show, but we will keep those for the next iteration of the development log in March 22.
I hope you enjoyed this months update post and I hope to see you all around when the big update launches!

See you in another month!

Your MysticRunes Team
Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Post Skill System Fixes
August 21, 2017, 07:46:06 PM
Hello fellow MysticRunes players,
with this post I just want to continuesly update a list of bugs that have been fixed or at least that are supposed to be fixed to keep you up to date on the progress. I would gladly appreciate feedback on whether bugs still occur.

Fixed Bugs since Skill Update:
- Eagle Eyes not working
- Crystal and Orc General itemshaving less max durability
- Hunter companions dealing only 1-2 damage
- Mage and Warrior special attack charging either not working or spam charging abusable
- Hunter arrows often passing through target (created a custom hit detection)
- Brewing tutorial sometimes not working/stopping right in the middle of the tutorial
- Withdrawing more stardust than you actually have
- Stealth not always disappearing when hitting an enemy
- Skill binding not always working
- Second slot of inventory being changed into skill item/durability being changed
- Arrows of bow bosses not critting if the boss is using the charge skill
- Bank upgrade always costing 10k stardust
- On guard not working properly
- Heavens Fury blockable without losing stamina
- Passive skills stacking
- Blessing Endurance stacking
- Damage cooldown (invulnerable) still applied to mobs
- Dropping stuff that is not dropable while having full inventory and picking up another item stack causes you to lose the dropped item
- Stardust dropping at the bank when withdrawing too much for the inventory to hold
- Trading untradeable items when using trade menu
- Decisive Strike critchance stacking
- Arrows of skills subtracting durability from your weapon
- Getting exp from the party while being in respawn screen
- Light Vortex shooting mobs around
- Brothers Valor not targeting party members
- Cinder chain particles connectiong to dead mobs
- Miracle resurrection not updating health and healing player for said percentage
- Prism of Vitae not usable by party members
- Respawn quitting issues
- Poison damage adding fire to entity
- Blink skill sometimes not working
- Skill Tree Inventory not always working
- Fireball skill not working
- Corpse name being longer than 16 chars and causing a kick for all nearby players
- Loot chests being always empty
- Gems not working properly
- Casting skills while stunned not possible even if they should "unstun" you
- Soul Swap bugging crystals
- Pyro Assult hitting same enemy multiple times
- Cryomantic Stalagmite not dealing damage
- Switching slots in bank can cause you to dupe the skill items
- Cooldown reduction keeps stacking

This is a very long list and will be updated once more bug fixes are released. I hope this shows you that we are still making progress even if no new features are added right now because we are trying to fix all bugs.


News & Information / Skill Update (Patch Status)
August 07, 2017, 09:36:59 PM
As many of your probably noticed the start of the skill update was quite difficult and a lot of bugs were found that we were unable to find in the whole test period of the skill system. We are still discovering new issues daily but I worked till 5 am to ensure that at least most of the big gamebreaking issues are fixed. Please report all issues to me, best would be to add it to the forum post that already tries to collect all the bugs. If you lost an item due to a bug or your character wiped message me and I can restore the items. I know it has been a difficult start but I hope that we all can improve this game experience and make it bug free. I have 3 things that I want you to especially report to me:
- Dungeon boss rooms not spawning mobs and boss (should be fixed)
- Items breaking for no reason (dunno whether it still happens)
- Extreme lag (I looked into it and fixed some stuff but dunno whether that caused it)
- Character wiping (Describe how it happend)

I can't post a full list of issues I already fixed but trust me, there are a lot. I think it is at least playable right now.

All in all I wish you all best of luck for looting and I hope that you enjoy the new skill system.

Dear MysticRunes Community,
we are very pleased to announce that the skill system has been making great progress and is now ready for testing. For that purpose and for further update testing we are very happy to open up our offical MysticRunes test server.
The test server will be a place for the community to test new features and to allow the MysticRunes staff team to fix bugs and balance stuff properly.
After a long discussion we came to the conclusion that we will only open the test server to VIP and higher rank users.
Why is that? Well, firstly we want to have a small amount of people testing stuff to have a better overview and to pin point bugs and balancing issues more quickly. Secondly we think that this is one of the only small features we are allowed to give to VIP users and we think that it is a fair feature for the supporters of MysticRunes. Thirdly we don't want everyone to see all the new stuff before its official release.
The server will feature 10x EXP and it will offer a fresh start and might wipe at any time. Thus this is not a replacement for the normal MysticRunes gameplay and just a server for the community to test out new stuff. In the future other updates will also be pushed to the test server before releasing it on the public server. For example the level 40 - 60 region update will be tested on this test server before publishing it.

The IP: (1.12 only for now)

Please report all bugs on the forum or send a private discord message to one of the team members.

Your MysticRunes Team
Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Update
February 24, 2017, 03:41:46 PM
Update Let's get random – Patch Notes

- Lightwell being a portable brewing stand
- Voting not working for everyone
- Arena death bug
- Players being able to type /stop (No one noticed *psssht*)
- Unmute not working
- Having 9 quests slots instead of 8
- Stuck in ground after using shrines
- Fix crashes
- Guild reaching level 0 and resulting exp issues
- Voting message appearing more than once
- Backpack duplication
- No error message when using wand in wrong slot
- Leaving the spawn room using ender pearls
- Duplicating attributes to another character
- Being able to hold on to a tutorial t2 item

- Item stats are now randomized within a certain range of +-5%
- Particle range/quality setting
- Text above quest npc heads
- Message when you are missing an item (Quest Delivery)
- More backend optimization
- Tutorial level tag
- Player and character login statistic
- Quest dialogues now support placeholders for items and names
- Filter for an item by shift-right clicking it in the AH. (VIP only)
- Setting for disallowing weapon dropping from main slot added

- Faster character login
- Modifying auctions directly is now VIP only (Normal users just revoke auctions and put them in again)
- Guild leveling is now faster


News & Information / Status Update: Skill System
February 21, 2017, 09:32:31 PM
Because the skill system has been taking very long I want to give you a quick status update.

We have finished designing all skills and are currently working in different teams to finish the system:

The_Real_Scotti: Sound Design
LimeSpice: Particle Design and Execution
Jalau: Implementing the skills into the server

All Warrior, Assassin and Hunter skills have been implemented and are finished.
As of now both LimeSpice and Scott are busy with studying and thus I am waiting for them to return to continue the design part. Implementing the 3 classes has taken us around 3 - 4 weeks which means you can expect the update to be finished quickly when they return.
I won't do nothing until then though, I will continue working on other features. For example there is a lot of code to clean up and optimize/move between the core, database and mysticrunes plugin to allow a more adaptable system for future servers and game modes. Furthermore I will also add new features to the game. Mostly small ones such as settings etc. I finished adding a particle quality setting that will allow players to choose a setting based on their connection speed and pc just now. Lowest setting will show only very close particles and ultra setting will basicly show all ones all over the map. I also fixed a few bugs on our list and will continue working on them too. Bigger features I will maybe start working on are item randomization (vote here:, pets, Guild Castles/Regions and/or some kind of arena pvp and pve (wave) system. I probably forgot many features but who cares. We'll see what the future will bring.

I hope this gave you a small insight into the current development and hopefully we will be able to finish the skill system very soon. The forest is also making great progress and will probably be released along with the skill system featureu level 40 - 60. Silversience is also very busy with studying though.

News & Information / Community Vote: Stat randomization
February 21, 2017, 09:15:40 PM
In forum posts titled with Community Vote we want to know your thoughts and your opinion on a certain feature.

Item Randomization

The feature that I want you to discuss about is the randomization of item stats. What we had in mind was to randomize every stat on an item within a range of ~+-5% of the original stat. This would still allow us to balance items as before but it would allow players to have the same weapon twice with a small change of stats. Basicly each item stat on an item that is dropped or somehow spawned into the game (crafting maybe etc.? Would love to hear your opinion on this especially) is affected by a unique roll.

You could have the chance to have all stats on the item +5% which would make the item the strongest possible version. But you could also have -5%. However a mix would be much more likely. Basicly you could have a more dexterity heavy equipment piece or a more lifesteal heavy piece. Depending on the roll upon drop. We tought of this feature because we had a related system before but it was too hard to balance, too random and it didn't offered the possibility to stick to the basic idea of an item. For example a legendary magma wand will always have fire damage. In the previous system it was just a legendary wand that was randomly generated.
The core goal of reimplementing a similar system would be to allow players to hunt for the same gear over and over again to get a better or more fitting version of the item whilst still enjoying the hunt because each drop is exiting and unique. Furthermore there would be a wider range of items to check before simply purchasing a specific item.

The MysticRunes team would love to receive some feedback and if you vote in the poll provided please state your reason in a reply to this topic.

Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Update
January 29, 2017, 02:26:17 PM
Update Backend Recode – Patch Notes

- Kick when standing on lily pads
- Lifesteal revive bug
- Always showing online at character information
- Fixed particle cosmetics permanently disabled after Blood Lust
- Wrong receiver of mob kill message
- Double attribute on enchant scroll
- Shield dupe while identifying
- Bank negative transaction possible
- Skin layers not working properly
- Fixed various mob sounds
- Fixed off hand weapon charging faster than main hand
- Getting creative on the main map
- Leaving the spawn room using ender pearls
- Duplicating attributes to another character
- Being able to hold on to a tutorial t2 item

- Huge backend recode
- Click delay for guis
- Auction expiring after 3 weeks
- Backend implementation for new resistance attributes and passive mobs
- Command cooldown
- In game rank to forum rank connection
- Unidentified items for t2+
- Added message to voting likes explaing that you need to type your mc name not character name
- Added a temporary fix for the bugged currently playing list on the website after a server crash
- Different colors for booster potions
- Discord auto message

- No click delay for the mining gui
- No command cooldown for mods or higher


News & Information / Official Discord Server
January 23, 2017, 07:57:31 PM
We have been receiving many requests to create a discord server and we are very pleased to announce that there now is a official MysticRunes Discord server. Feel free to join and use it as you please.
I hope to see some of you around and get to know some of you better.

The invite link is:

Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Update
December 24, 2016, 08:56:25 PM
Update Christmas Update – Patch Notes

- Ability to block with shield while in main hand as non paladin class
- Paladins now can properly equip a shield into their main hand
- /character etc. being usable in the tutorial
- Missing crystal and case hardened shields
- Quest error when failing a quest
- Rare error when triggering luck room teleport
- EXP hologram not showing above the right target
- Character deletion error

- Christmas Event
- Server now runs on 1.11
- Cosmetic crates at the fortune wheel
- Christmas cosmetics
- More character information on hover of character name in chat
- Block/ignore characters
- Notify sound if you are mentioned in the chat

- Cosmetic rare or higher loot is now announced in chat
- New design for the guild upgrade gui
- New social menu in the game menu
- Fewer rooms in the infernal horror dungeon
- Rewrote banking backend system


PS: I know it is a bit late but we were busy fixing bugs ;)

Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Update
November 15, 2016, 08:16:36 PM
Update Mage Nerf – Patch Notes

- Colliding with mobs/pets/players while in a party
- Taking out armor parts from the horse inventory
- Double stardust booster not working properly
- Skill critical hits not shown
- Mage wands not hitting critically

- Cosmetic particle wings
- Two block high harvestable plants
- Iron Ingot (Blueprint)
- Crushed Stone (Mining)
- Blueprints can now result in more than one item (for example 2x Iron Ingot)
- Notify sound if you are mentioned in the chat

- Mage projectiles for both mobs and players take time to travel now
- Blueprints now show the result icon
- Items needed for upgrading t2 and t3 equipment were changed
- Setting lore and fortune teller lore is now split into multiple lines


Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Update
November 08, 2016, 03:46:32 PM
Update Spooky Fixes – Patch Notes

- Death effect cosmetic not working
- Wolves following to other characters after relog
- Stealth not hiding from players
- Clicking the dungeon queue not always working
- Holy Fire particles not moving with hit target
- Target dummy mob sounds
- Typing cancel while requesting a friend not working
- Changed "send" to "sent" for some messages
- Visual bug in the dungeon generator list
- Spelling of the crate gui
- Weight not working as intended
- Bows not loosing durability
- Ores not spawning correctly
- Resourcepacks not downloading
- Item attributes being removed randomly
- Bypassing dungeon generation limit by relogging
- Removed the tutorial potion from the recipe list

- More advanced restart mechanics to not interrupt 10 or more players from playing
- New cosmetic crates
- Double Profession EXP Booster

- New auto messages/removed some old ones
- Blueprint and recipe list guis are now sorted much better and it is much cleaner now
- Changed cosmetic crates to be randomly generated upon loot
- Removed halloween crates from loot tables

I know this have been mainly fixes but they were required to ensure a better and more smooth game experience. Stay tuned for futher updates.


Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Update
November 08, 2016, 03:38:41 PM
Update Halloween Patches – Patch Notes

- Luck room not working
- Duping unidentified items

- Halloween Event
- Added new cosmetic system
- Added new mob types (Slime, Bat, Magma Slime)
- Added 3 new bosses with unique skills
- Added cosmetic crates
- Added new legendary items
Raids and Events / Halloween Event (31.10 - ?)
October 24, 2016, 07:18:00 PM

Halloween is about to come up and we will start an exclusive halloween event on the 31.10. It will feature the new cosmetic system, 3 new bosses that drop unique cosmetic crates and unique legendary items. Always have an eye on them because they will cast dangerous spells and only spawn once each hour.

I hope that you are excited for this as I am and I hope that you will enjoy the new halloween styled spawn of MysticRunes that will also get released on 31.10.
Patch Notes / [Patch Notes] Update
October 20, 2016, 03:44:11 PM
Update Backend redesign – Patch Notes

- Old items not compared correctly
- Horses obtainable for free at animal trainer
- NPCs spawning on ceiling
- Crafting slots not cleared in tutorial
- NPC names showing player tags
- Spider walk sounds being skeleton ones
- Crafting slots not cleared in tutorial
- Tutorial items not being perm untradable
- Most damage dealer now gets quest kills
- Players that die in dungeons being teleported wrongly
- Possibility to illegally exiting the tutorial and spawn room
- Deleting a guild group causing all members to be put into the default group

- Added pickup delay for non killers of the mob for loot
- Added a profession tutorial
- Added new luck room events, stay tuned!
- Dungeon boss loot chests
- Warning messages if party members can't join a dungeon
- Possibility to transfer money from your bank to another player

- Guild name duplication & special characters now disallowed
- Item details now saved in NBT
- Backend class specific weapon handling
- Backend npc over head messages
- Health regen now happens exactly each second

Recently we have been working on a new skill system, providing more skills and more individuality for each character and class.

In this post I will try to present the new ideas and features that haven't been fully finished yet but are likely to be added in one way or another.

A skill will still be unlockable by skill points, but it will be upgradable. That means each skill can be upgraded between 2  and 5 times and each upgrade will increase one or more stats of that skill. For example upgrade "I" increases the damage and upgrade "II" increases the damage and the radius of the skill. Upgrade "III" then could decrease the mana cost and so on. Upgrades will also be unlocked by skillpoints. There is no extra skill upgrade tree planned so the upgrades for each skill will follow a linear path. Each skill will probably only cost 1 skill point to be unlocked but we haven't decided yet whether upgrades follow that pattern.

Active skills
Active skills are the ones that for example all current skills ingame belong to. Every skill that needs to be manually casted by the player is considered to be an active skill.

Passive skills
A new feature of the system will be passive skills. These skills feature effects or actions that happen passively without requiring the player to cast the skill. Simple skills could heal the player if he reaches a certain amount of health or they could increase the speed, damage etc.. But there will be more advanced passive skills too. A player can at least equip one passive skill. If we'll add more "slots" for passive skills hasn't been decided yet.

The Skill Tree
The skill tree will feature different columns and it will feature both passive and active skills. Some skills require other skills in the same column to be unlocked and the skilltree will consist of rows. Each row can only be unlocked if the player has already spent a total of x skill points. A ton of new skills are to come and we currently are working on each skill tree up to level 40. An example would be the assassin skill tree:

The column on the right represents the passive skills. The other columns are active skills. The ↓ indicates if the skill below it requires the skill above to be unlocked. The column on the left side shows how many skill points need to be spend to unlock the complete row. Skills not featuring a ↓ can be unlocked as soon as you have spent the required amount of skill points. The number in brackets shows the max upgrade level of that skill.

Skill points
Each level up will grant one skill point. As mentioned above unlocking skills only requires 1 skill point. Skill upgrades might follow that pattern but they might also cost more than 1 skill point. At level 1 you will start off with one skill point.

So you are probably wondering how we plan to add this and when we plan to add this. The date of the update cannot be said yet. We are working on it to allow it to be completed as soon as possible. But we want it to be balanced and working and this might take some more time. When the update is rolled out each characters unlocked skills will be resetted and the spent skill points will be set to the new value that is supposed to be owned at the given character level.

The End
I hope you like what we are planning to add in the future and I hope that this allows another insight into our current development.

PS: The new dungeon has been finished and will be released soon after all testing has been done. So stay tuned and excited.
Announcement: Alpha Weekend 04.06 - 05.06

After not updating and developing the server in the background for the past months we have decided to be ready to open it for testing. We are really happy to announce that the server will be open from the 4.06 to at least the 5.06. In this time we hope to find as many bugs as possible and we try to see how the game experience appeals to the players. Because this is only an alpha there will probably be some bugs. Wipes or other major things should not occur but we aren't able to promise it.

It will open on 04.06 at 0:00 am CEST, so in the night from friday to saturday.

We hope to see you on the mysticrunes server and that you are ready for an awesome weekend.