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Title: German Translations
Post by: joshua2504 on August 28, 2018, 12:20:05 am
Hi team and especially Jalau,

I haven't been around since a while and I'm highly interested in playing again, but it's kinda annoying that the server seems to be empty too often.

As you know, the german playerbase doesn't really understand english, so the whole world should be translated to slang-german.

I'm open to do so if you're interested. Maybe, we can find more volunters who're interested in participating.

Title: Re: German Translations
Post by: Chicken on August 29, 2018, 04:43:19 pm
Mysticrunes will not turn into a German only server, as that simply isn't our goal. Not only that, but doing so will cause over 80% of the active playerbase, and possibly even the majority of the high leveled players that are currently inactive due to lack of content, to leave. It will also cause disturbances in future development, as most of the Content Developers are not German.

As for the server being empty often... That is mainly because we haven't been advertising heavily, due to the fact that we want to make sure all our content is up to standard when we do actually release it officially (server is still in Alpha).

What could possibly be an option however, is to add a function in the Game Menu to toggle it from English to German... But that would most likely only be far in the future, if we do ever decide to implement it.

Title: Re: German Translations
Post by: joshua2504 on September 03, 2018, 01:24:43 am

thank you for your response.

Indeed, I didn't mean to change the whole game language from english to german. Having the option to choose between languages would be great. I'm pretty sure that implementing this shouldn't be too hard (no idea about java or whatever tho, I'm a webdev) and many people will contribute if you publish the translation files on github.

For now, it wouldn't even be important to translate everything. Starting with basics to allow "kids" to play would be a huge benefit already.