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Title: Star's FAQ
Post by: StarDraco123 on March 26, 2017, 07:12:36 am
Here are some commonly asked questions and me doing my best to answer them ;) Feel free to Ctrl+F to find key words in your questions

"Where is Lora?"
From Erna head south and go left of the building containing the blacksmith where Lora sits on a bench next to a lake.

"Where is the Stonemason?"
From Hokat head west up a flight of stairs then head south across the elevated walkway.

"Where is Fisherman Bob"
From Arthur head south then take a right and hop over the stone 'fence' across the lake is Fisher Bob.

"Where is Theresa?"
From Imperia head down north following the path, you should see a swing suspended on a tree and go under an archway of stone along the way. Staying on the path north the first building you see in the "Bandit Farm" should be a windmill with a Merchant at the base of it. Climb the Ladder up to where Theresa is.

"How do you craft Weapon Handles?"
In your smith crafting menu click on the button on the bottom right, the "misc" tab.

"How do you id items?"
First you need to be an alchemist at level 5, you can only choose one profession per character, and click on an ender frame with the item, fairy dust is required to id commons and 1 purified dust is required to id rare and up.

"Where do you find fairy dust?"
From Wizards, AH, Chests, Boss Loot, or Blue flowers.

"Where is the skill trainer?"
East from Imperia "town square" down some stairs.

"Where is a bank?/Is there a bank?"
Yes, south of imperia "town square" to the left.

"Can you sell items?"
Yes, to players in the auction house via the marketcrier and to merchants for fragments to repair gear.

"How do I transfer items?"
You can mail them to your other character via the mail guy in Imperia "town square" or drop the item in a secure location and switch characters quickly.

"Are there backpacks?"
Yes, you can get one by voting and spinning the wheel of fortune or by completing the level 18 quest line Lucky Larry.

"Are there horses?"
Yes, go to the stable master west of Imperia "town square" a basic horse costs 3000s.

"What is the fastest way to level?"
I recommend doing quest to level 10 at least then grinding after that or look to my other guides ;).

"Where do I get a pickaxe?"
You don't need one just right click on ores with green particles.

"Where do I get logs?"
Break logs near trees with green particles.

"Where can I find Oak Branches?"
Break leaves with green particles.

"Where can I find bread?"
In chests.

"Where can I find apples?"
From leaves and chests.

"Where can I find Earth/Mana roots?"
Around the worth specifically near tree roots and caves (they like all herbs have green particles around em)

"Where is the Alchemist?"
Go north to the Imperia Wall then hug it down east.

"How do I delete a Character?"
Talk to Archmage Alert at Imperia spawn (where the beacon is) and enter in the numbers he gives you.

"What can I do with gold?"
You can buy boosters for 2x xp, loot drop chance, star drop values, and profession xp.

"What is the best class?"
Priest damn it, stop asking the question.

"Which class does the most damage?"
Currently mage, although at the time of typing this a skill tree update is in progress that is said to balance all classes.

"What class do I pick?"
Choose yourself, seriously thought. Warrior is high CC with decent armor. Mage has high AoE and damage with low hp. Priest has lots of heals but no damage. Paladin has high hp and armor but mediocre damage. Hunter has good AoE ranged sustain. Assassin has good DoT sustain.

"What are the recommended attributes for ___?"
Assassin: Dex or Str
Mage: Int
Priest: Int or Vit
Pally: Vit or Vit/Str mix
Warrior: Str
Hunter: Dex or Str

"Do I need food?/Where do I get food?"
Food can be found in chest and you lose food at a pretty slow rate. It regens in towns.

"Why are cosmetics Vip/Vip+ only?"
Because cosmetics are the reward for donors.

"How do gems work?"
The item needs to have the same "cut" (Ex. () [] <>) and you cannot add on slots atm. Also as a note you can only have one type of gem per item (Ex. 2 gem slots only 1 life steal gem can be added, not 2). Drag the gem like a scroll onto the item.

"How can I repair my items?"
Leave an item with the blacksmith, use fragments on them, or click on an anvil with the item in hand and repair with stardust.

"What are dungeons?"
You can enter them by typing /Dungeon or in your game menu. Dungeons are randomly generated each time you enter one with preset room types in different layouts. The have mobs in the rooms where you have the ultimate goal of slaying the boss and taking his loot.

"How can I sell items in the Marketcrier?"
Bottom left in the UI

"I'm lagging, what can I do?"
Lower minecraft settings or go in your "game menu" in game and lower particle quality.

"When is the update coming out?"
When it is finished.

"What's the fastest way to get stardust?"
Grind or do certain quests.

"Where is the old farm house?"
In the bandit farm, it is a big house in the middle up stairs are npcs and a chest used for a quest.

"What can I do with paper?"
It can be used for crafting weapons and armor or for a quest that eventually gets you a backpack (Lucky LArry quest line).

Not exactly common but: "What skills should I use?"
Check out what others use on the website leaderboard
Some recommendations:
Assassin: Poisonous Smoke Bomb, Dagger Rush, Dragon Rise, Poison Dart.
Warrior: Knockdown, Seismic wave, Leap, Charge.
Mage: Pyroblast, Ice Shock, Magic Tower, Flamebreath.
Priest: Who uses Priest? Use heal, heal, and heal ;).
Hunter: Arrow Prison, Snipe, Explosive Shot, Wolves or Traps.
Paladin: Shield Slam, Consecrate, Heaven's Fury, Holy Aura.

"What can I do if I'm stuck or lost?"
Use the shrinerune that refreshes every 1 hour in your game menu. If you are stuck in a block after logging in jump up.

"How do I level up Improvement/Identification?"
First Improve/Id a level 1 item.

"What can I do with Iron?"
You can use it to improve t2 armor or craft Iron Ingots to upgrade t3 gear. You can also use it to craft gear in general with smith.

"What can I do with crushed stone?"
You can use it to upgrade t2 weapons.

"What can I do with fairy dust?"
You can use it to id items and craft.

"What can I do with coal?"
You can use it to craft gear in general and iron ingots which are used to upgrade t3 items.

"What is Bloody Bill/bb, Skullkeeper/SK, Orc Gen/Orc General, Pumpkin King/PK, Bandit Leader/BL?"
They are all bosses found in the world or dungeons.

"Do I lose items on death?"
Yes, you do not lose your equipped items but you do lose some random items in your inventory.

"What should I put in my coffee?"
Put honey in it.

"How do I get gems?"
From mining or boss loot.

"How do I get scrolls?"
From chests, boss loot, or certain boss drops.

"What can I do with tanned leather?"
A level 1 daily quest or crafting.

"What can I do with Leather Armor Plates?"
Crafting or upgrading t1 armor.

"What can I do with wood?"
Upgrading t1 weapons and crafting.

"What is t1 and t2?"
The tiers of gear t1 = (0-20) t2 = (21-40).

"Is this server a Wynncraft/Dungeon Realms copy?"
No! This server does contain similar mmorpg concepts but that is simply because it is an mmorpg! It has many different unique aspects that you should explore!

"What is the drop rate range?"
6 levels above and below.

"How does item randomization work?"
Item stats can have +-5% stat difference.

"Where is ____ NPC?"
Try looking on the Dynmap it does not have all the NPCs but if you can't find the ones mentioned here with the directions or with help in game, when in doubt try the map.

"What is a good place to grind for my level?"
No idea, check out my grinding guide:;topicseen#new

"What gear should I use?"
No idea, check out my gear guide:;topicseen#new

"Why isn't this server more popular?"
It is currently in alpha and many new features are being worked on.

"What is a PMOD/MOD/SMOD?"
Pre-Mod, Mod, Senior-Mod. These are the ranks given to those who moderate chat, the forums, and your behavior.

"What is a CD?"
These are Content Developers who work on tasks such as writing quests or working on game concepts.

"What is a GM?"
Game Master? sure... They pretty much run the server.

"Where can I access the various leader boards?"
On the website.

"How do I trade with others?"
Shift+Right-Click them with game menu in hand and click on the trade option in the top of the UI.

"Is there PvP?"
Yes, you can enter the arena or Shift+Left Click someone to request a duel.

"How do I talk in party chat?"

"What are guilds (etc.)?"
Guilds can be managed through the game menu and you can create one for 500s and upgrade it with friends leveling it. You can also buy minor perks for the guild such as +.05% xp.

"Can I skip the tutorial?"

"How do I switch Characters?"
In your game menu at the top right (the door).

"Is there a resource/texture pack for the server?"
Yes do /rp or enable resource packs in your server list.

"How can I support the server?"
By purchasing something on it's buycraft ;D

If you can think of anything else please leave the question and the answer if you have a good one and I'll add it ;)

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In the Attribute section, I think Assassin needs the STR as well. Just a recommendation.
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Nice work  :)