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Open World

Aurya is a world free to explore for everyone. You will encounter many hidden secrets, lovely detailed quests, numerous inhabitants of our vivid world and overwhelming amounts of both custom monsters and custom loot.

Furthermore you can strive through the lands aiming for getting rare resources to brew powerful potions or forge potent weapons. Our world is in a continuing process of improvement and there is always a new area to be added, so you’ll probably always end up discovering new places.


Our brand new dungeon generator creates complex dungeons at your demand! Explore the dark catacombs together with your party and unveil the secrets!



In the world of Aurya, you are able to choose from 6 different classes, each with it’s very own skills and abilities. But be prepared, each class also has some disadvantages, so never try to stop a fast approaching orc as a light armoured mage! You may find some “generic” classes, but each of them feature an interesting skill tree.